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Your Guide to Modern Style When Remodeling in 2023

Keeping up with the latest trends can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a guide to modern style when remodeling in 2023.


Design trends are ever-changing, and it can be a hassle to keep up with the latest developments if you do not have someone to guide you. 


Imagine finding out that the new bathroom renovation you have just completed has already been replaced by something trendier! With this guide to modern style when remodeling in 2023 from Paragon Builders, that will not happen to you. 


Read on to find out more about the modern styles making waves in 2023!


What Is Modern Style/Interior Design?

If you are thinking of room additions or garage conversions, you need to keep in mind the style you are going for.


Modern style refers to the type of interior design that evolved around the mid-20th century. It can be traced back to German and Scandinavian design styles of that time.


Common features of this style include chrome accents, a high gloss finish, and large windows. If you find it difficult to wrap your head around, this comprehensive guide to modern style may help.

What Is Modern StyleInterior Design


Understanding Modern and Contemporary

What you need to know about modern style in this guide is that it refers to a specific period rather than the ever-changing contemporary style.


While modern style is always clean, architectural, and minimalist, contemporary styles are a lot harder to define. This means a contemporary room can be cluttered, ornamented, or trendy, depending on the tastes of the owners. In other words, the “contemporary” style is usually whatever is trending at the moment.


Your Guide to Modern Style –  Six Key Elements

Your guide to modern interior design should serve as the basis of any home renovations you are thinking of doing. Here are six key elements that you need to consider:


1. Natural Materials

Whether it’s furniture or accessories for housing units, if you are going for a modern style you need to consider using natural materials, such as wood, wool, stone, rattan, or linen. These materials were popular in Scandinavian cultures because of their warmth and have retained widespread use today.


2. Simplicity

With modern styles, you do not have to over-complicate your décor, design, and drawing plans. This type of interior design embraces simplicity and minimalist decorations to the fullest. It allows you to move away from the ornate and cluttered styles of the past.


3. Neutral Tones Plus Bits of Color

Scandinavian cultures normally used neutral tones that captured the natural light in most of their interior designs. This is still the case in modern styles, with the only difference being the addition of color here and there to make your décor “pop.”


4. Clean Lines

When choosing furniture and accessories for your room, or painting the walls and ceiling, you need to use clean lines that are visually pleasing and easy to follow. It does not matter whether these lines are vertical, horizontal, or curved. They just need to be clean and simple.


5. Multifunctional

Many custom homes are being designed to be multifunctional, which is what modern style is all about. A great example of this is the open-plan kitchen design that comes with or without an island. Such spaces can be used for cooking, eating, or even just relaxing.


6. Geometric Shapes

Finally, modern styles predominantly feature the use of geometric shapes when it comes to furniture and décor. It is common to see a lot of geometric art displayed in many parts of the room.


Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Design

Since these two rooms receive most of the attention when renovating, a proper guide to modern style must take time to discuss them further. If you are considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation, remember to try and incorporate the following:


  • Sleek accent pieces
  • Natural material
  • Minimum addition of ornaments
  • Simple hardware
  • Frameless cabinets
  • Floating vanity
  • Dark flooring
  • Frameless mirrors

Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Design


Paragon Builders – Your Guide to Modern Style

In the ever-changing landscape of interior design trends, Paragon Builders will be your guide. It will help you with implementing modern style, design, and drawing plans for your next full-house renovation project.


One of the great things about Paragon Builders is that you can track your modern-style renovation from beginning to end, retaining full control of how the process is going. With the help of these design experts, you can turn your home into an open, happy, and comfortable place for your family.


Final Word

If you are torn between modern and contemporary styles for your next full house renovation, you need a guide to help you choose. You can call Paragon Builders right now and schedule an appointment.


Elevate your living space with Paragon Builders’ innovative designs and expert craftsmanship.

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Your Guide to Modern Style When Remodeling in 2023
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