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Your Guide to Master Bedroom Color Schemes | Tips for 2024 Room Additions

When all the major room additions and renovations are done, it’s time to consider the color schemes for your bedroom. Paragon Builders can help with that!

One of the most crucial steps of any renovation or room addition is the color choice. If you get this wrong, you can undo all the good work you have already done. Colors need to be stylish, functional, and in line with your taste. This applies more to bedroom color schemes than any other part of the house.

Choosing colors for a kitchen renovation can be a lot easier than when designing the bedroom. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that you hire professionals when undertaking such a project. Paragon Builders has a lot of experience in this area and is ready to help you choose the perfect bedroom color schemes for your home.


Choosing the Right Color Schemes for the Bedroom

You need to consider color choices as the finishing touch to your room renovations. Unlike choosing colors for a bathroom renovation, which is mostly about trends, your bedroom colors need to be chosen based on the way they affect your mood and help you sleep.

Before settling on any specific color scheme, you need to do some research and look for inspiration. There are many places online that will help you match your color scheme to your bedroom décor and accessories. Housing units can be given a unique bedroom by choosing the right color combination.

If you are finding it difficult to settle on a specific bedroom color scheme, let Paragon Builders help you. Any of the following schemes will be a worthy addition to a modern bedroom:

Right Color Schemes for the Bedroom


  • Light Grey With Warm Tones

The need to maintain the same color palette throughout the home has made grey a good choice for the bedroom because it fits in very well in other parts of the house. A lot of people may consider grey to be a bit boring, but if you mix it up with a few warm tones you can achieve the perfect balance. Using grey color schemes will enable you to create a calm and tranquil sleeping space.


  • White Monochrome Scheme

White has always been associated with cleanliness and purity. You can tap into that by using a white monochrome scheme.  Choosing white for your room additions and color schemes allows you a lot of freedom when decorating the room and adding some pieces of furniture because white goes well with anything.


  • Bold Dark Colors

If you want something a bit different from what you regularly see in most bedrooms, go for a bold and dark color combination. You can, for example, mix dark grey and red to produce a visually stunning look. However, dark colors can make the area look smaller, so you can offset that by having some white windows and ceilings.


  • Toned Down Yellow/Gold

You may be surprised as to why yellow is even being mentioned when discussing bedroom color schemes. It is true, that yellow may be a bit too bright for room renovations meant for sleeping areas. However, if you can tone down the yellow to a pale gold color, it will work very well with the bedroom environment. Having some mellow golden undertones can make your bedroom look more modern and trendier than before.


  • Combination of Pink and Neutral Tones

Pink is another color that may be too bright for the bedroom if you choose the wrong shade. Keep it as pale as possible and mix it up with some neutral tones. When done correctly, this killer combination is perfect for producing a serene environment that will help you relax after a long day.


  • Different Shades of Brown

Using brown for your room additions is not as boring as it may sound. Many shades of brown would be perfect for any bedroom, from dark brown to beige. This is a great choice if you love having a traditional-looking bedroom.


  • Red and Trendy

If you are brave enough to go for the trendiest colors in room design, try adding some splashes of red throughout the room. Keep the tone subdued and earthy and you will have a killer bedroom color scheme on your hands.


Room Additions Are Easy With Paragon Builders by Your Side

Choosing the right bedroom color scheme can be the perfect finishing touch after an excellent full house renovation. The choice of color will have a huge impact on how the family enjoys their sleeping time, so a lot more thought is required when redesigning bedrooms than, for example, doing garage conversions.

In that regard, you need to hire experts when it comes to bedroom design and drawing plans for renovations. Paragon Builders is ready to assist you with your room additions by choosing the right master bedroom color schemes.

Room Additions


Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to room additions, there is no specific rule regarding the number of master bedroom colors you can use for your design scheme. However, many designers believe that you should mostly stick to three different colors. If you want a bit more diversity, you can use various shades of each choice for your color scheme.

In most cases, cool color schemes such as pale blues or greens may be the better choice because of their relaxing nature. However, using warm white, soft sienna, and warm ochre can also have the same effect, so you can play around with both warm and cool colors for your bedroom.

Bright green, pink, and yellow are examples of some of the colors you should avoid when planning room design for the bedroom. Such colors make it difficult to relax and could affect how well you sleep.

You can choose a different color for each bedroom in your house if you want. Most custom homes are designed this way. This will allow each member of the family to select the bedroom color scheme that they are most comfortable with.

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