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Your Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Islands – Choose the Latest Trends for 2023

The kitchen is one of the first rooms to be renovated by homeowners. With so many kitchen islands to choose from, your options are limitless.


If you are considering investing in a major kitchen renovation project, you need to make sure you research the latest trends in 2023. There are so many changes that have been happening in this area, with most of them focused on the use of different types of kitchen islands. 


As such, finding an expert contractor to help you is a good starting point. Armed with your guide to different types of kitchen islands, you can turn that room into more than just a place to cook but one of your family’s favorite places to hang out and bond. Paragon Builders is here for you!


What Is a Kitchen Island?

The kitchen island can be described as the focal point of any cooking/food preparation area that has a wide range of uses. Depending on its design and location within the room, your kitchen island can be used as extra storage, a sitting area, extra sinks, or a place to prepare meals for your family.


As such, it is one of the most important features of any modern home. This is why a comprehensive guide to various types of kitchen islands is a great tool to have when renovating a kitchen.

What Is a Kitchen Island


Benefits of Renovating Your Kitchen

Besides the need to keep up with the latest trends, conducting either a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation is a great way to increase the value of your property. When buying a house, these are two areas potential buyers will look at.


You need a guide to different types of kitchen islands if you are going to create a room that will remain trendy and functional for many more years.


Your Guide to Six Different Types of Kitchen Islands

The following are six trendy types of kitchen islands to choose from in 2023:

  • L-shaped

In kitchens with limited space, having an L-shaped island that can be tucked away in the corner is a great solution. When placed in the center of the room, this type of island allows you to enjoy generous amounts of space that can be shared with others.


The major downside is that an L-shaped kitchen island can easily break up the flow of the rest of the room. As such, it is only an ideal option in certain types of kitchens that are shaped to accommodate it.


  • U-shaped

Most kitchen renovation projects these days are adopting the U-shaped island design. Its popularity is mainly based on the fact that it is the largest type of island available.


Also, it can house a wide range of appliances with ease, even those as big as dishwashers. However, you will need to have a huge kitchen to comfortably adopt this type of island.


  • Circular

A circular or curved island is both unique and intriguing. It is a good option to choose if you are looking for something a little different for your kitchen. One of the biggest advantages it has is that the circular design is highly conducive to socialization and family bonding.


  • Galley

The galley is a common type of design usually found on every guide to different types of kitchen islands. It is a very simple option that emphasizes functionality over style. If you have an open-concept kitchen, this is a great choice to have. However, with so many new trends, having a galley island may feel outdated.


  • Furniture-style

One of the rarer options in this category, the furniture-style island, is a great way to highlight antique furniture items you may have gotten your hands on. It also has the advantage of adding a different look to your kitchen décor.


  • Rolling

The last option in your guide to different types of kitchen islands is the rolling style. This is mainly found in very small kitchens where space is at a premium. Its biggest benefit is that you can move it around when not in use, which will open up space for other kitchen appliances.

Your Guide to Six Different Types of Kitchen Islands


Need a Kitchen Renovation? Hire the Experts

If you need a guide to the different designs of kitchen islands in 2023, look no further than Paragon Builders.


As an expert with extensive knowledge regarding accessories for housing units, building custom homes, interior design, and drawing plans for renovations, it can be your guide as you seek to refurbish your kitchen.


No matter how elaborate your dream home may seem, Paragon Builders can help you turn it into a reality. Every dollar spent will count as a step closer to achieving your desire for a happy, comfortable, and modern home.


Final Word

Is the thought of doing a major kitchen renovation scaring you? Why not call the experts to do all the heavy lifting? Paragon Builders is ready to start working on your kitchen island right now. Call a reliable contractor today!

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Your Guide to Different Types of Kitchen Islands - Choose the Latest Trends for 2023
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