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How to Start a Whole House Remodel

Have you ever dreamt up a whole new home interior- or imagined what your house could look like at its full potential? Well, you can take those dreams off the page with a whole-house remodel. These epic projects transform properties- and lives- but you have to be prepared for the journey ahead. That is where we come in.  

Paragon Builders is an expert in complete home renovations- and would be proud to help you through the process. One of the main questions we get is how to start a whole house remodel. Such a mammoth project takes a lot of preparation and planning, but it is all worth it.

Here is a helpful guide that explains the initial steps in the whole-house remodeling process – including what to do before the work begins, and what to expect once it starts.


How to Start a Whole House Remodel: 5 Things to Consider Before You Begin

To ensure a smooth and successful remodel, you must be well-prepared and have a clear plan before the work kicks off. There are 5 essential factors to consider to get your project off to a great start.

Scope of the Project: Basic Refresh vs. Major Renovation


1. Think About Your Renovation Goals

First things first – what do you want to achieve from this remodel? Are you happy with the current layout, or is there a better way to optimize your space? Is an extension part of your plan, or are you sticking with the current footprint?

Think about your priorities and what you need to do to make them a reality. Whether it is a larger master suite, a better kitchen, an additional bedroom, or an open-plan living area – you need to know what you want before you start planning and designing.


2. Look Into Zoning and Permits

As well as figuring out what you want to do, you need to determine what you are allowed to do. There are certain zoning laws and restrictions that regulate construction projects in residential areas, and you need to make sure your rough plans are within the acceptable parameters.

Contact your local zoning department for more information and inquire about building permits to give yourself a better understanding of what to expect.


3. Set a Realistic Budget

This is a big one. There is no point in getting carried away with planning and construction before you know how much you can spend. Your budget will determine what work you can do, the materials you will use, and the overall scope of the project.

The average whole-house remodel can cost anywhere from around $18,000 to $80,000- it depends on property size, project complexity, and a few other important factors.

Be realistic about your budget and top spending cap. From there, you can be more precise and decisive about your plans.

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4. Find a Great Contractor

A project of this magnitude requires reliable, high-quality professional help from the get-go. Working with an excellent building team will make things much easier- and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Before the wheels really start turning, you need to find a contractor you trust to do a great job with your home. Bring them on board early so they can provide expert advice and guidance through the crucial early stages.


5. Consider the Logistics

We are not talking about replastering a few walls here. This is a project that covers the entire home, and it is likely to cause a few disruptions and complications in your day-to-day life.

The building logistics of a whole-house remodel are figured out by your construction team- but you need to consider the practicalities for yourself and your family while work is ongoing.

Decide if it is possible to stay in the house for certain parts of the project (speak with your builders about the order or work and expected impact) and arrange alternative accommodation for times when it is not. If you have pets or children, it is a good idea to have somewhere for them to be while construction is happening in the central areas of the house.

Some of the other logistics to consider include:

  • Access to bathroom and cooking facilities
  • Dust control and other safety measures
  • Keeping on top of the mess
  • Clearing paths between worksites
  • Notifying neighbors of possible noise and disturbance
  • Finding out the working hours of your building team


What Are the First Steps in a Whole-House Remodel

Once all the logistics and initial preparations are out of the way, the excitement can begin. The first steps in starting a whole-house remodel are about getting the property ready for the new installations.


Planning and Designing the Remodel with Your Contractor

You probably have a lot of ideas and images in your mind of what you want the house to look like, but they need to be clarified and turned into actionable plans with the help of a builder.

Before anything happens, you will work with a designer and builder to establish the layouts, fittings, measurements, and changes and put them into blueprints plans. This process will address any potential obstacles and how to overcome them- as well as work out how to bring your vision to life.

Be Flexible with Your Timeline


Packing Up Personal Belongings

Unless you are getting rid of everything or remodeling a newly purchased property you don’t live in, you will have to pack up and move your personal belongings. Furniture, soft furnishings, and other personal items should be covered, removed, and safely stored somewhere safe and out of the way.

Depending on how your project is going to run, you may be able to do one or two rooms at a time. Your builder can let you know which spaces to prioritize.


Demolishing and Removing Old Materials

Next, it is time to create a blank canvas. Most remodels strip things down to the bone – removing fittings, fixtures, appliances, flooring, and anything else that is not part of the new design.

Once the space is demolished, the old materials must be removed and disposed of safely and responsibly. Your building team might provide this service for you, or you may have to hire a skip or removal team to get rid of things.

Kitchen Renovation_ A Journey of Joyful Transformation


What Happens Next?

After all this is done, construction begins on the remodel- and your dream home starts taking shape!

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How to Start a Whole House Remodel
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