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Small Kitchen Planning: Make This Space Easy to Work In

Are you wondering what you need for optimal small kitchen planning? Do you want to make sure the design is efficient and has the right features, appliances, and essential elements? This guide will equip you with knowledge and inspiration to turn this essential area into a comfortable space that maximizes efficiency and is easy to work in. Read on!


What You Need to Consider for Exceptional Small Kitchen Planning

If you want to make your small kitchen easy to work in, strategic planning will be essential. The following are the aspects that you should consider to optimize this process:

  • Your needs, lifestyle, and cooking habits
  • The layout of your kitchen
  • The design of your kitchen
  • Potential storage solutions
  • The style of this space

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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Easy to Work In

Are you ready to get started with your small kitchen planning? These are the steps you must complete:

Assess Your Needs

In every kitchen remodeling project, the first step is to understand your needs, which are related to your lifestyle and cooking habits.

To define and assess your needs, consider the following:

  • Who cooks more often? Do you have to cook for a big family or just a couple? By defining who and how this area will be used, you can adapt and organize this space to meet your needs.
  • Which appliances do you use more frequently? Are there any new tools that you need to incorporate into your kitchen? Do you need a small or a huge oven? It’s important to choose what you’ll equip this area with for a functional and efficient layout.
  • How often do you cook? Will your family use this space every day? Do you often cook elaborate meals? If you know your cooking habits, you can adapt your kitchen accordingly and ensure this space is comfortable, practical, and easy to work in.
  • What are the best storage solutions for you? Do you have many pans and pots to store? Or do you use several small appliances, such as air fryers and toasters? By listing all your items, you can determine how much space you need to store them and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

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Choose the Right Storage Solutions

When it comes to small kitchen planning, choosing storage solutions should be one of the first steps, as this area’s design and layout will greatly depend on the items you choose to add.

Ideally, the storage solutions you pick for your small kitchen should take up as little space as possible and maximize the area you’ll have to keep your utensils organized.

Below are some recommendations:

  • Cabinet organizers, such as drawer dividers or pull-out shelves
  • Hidden storage options, such as ottomans or built-in benches with storage compartments
  • Over-the-door organizers, which are placed on the back of cabinet doors to store spices and other products
  • Wall-mounted organizers, such as hanging pot racks or utensil rails
  • Corner cabinets, such as lazy Susans


Define the Perfect Layout

Since the layout of an area defines how you can organize your tools and optimize space, this is an essential step in small kitchen planning.

Do you need help choosing the right layout for your small kitchen? Consider your needs or preferences and evaluate the most common configurations, which often include the following:

  • L-shaped kitchen: With this versatile layout, which focuses on the “triangle rule,” you can maximize functionality and space usage. These kitchens usually have large countertops and cabinetry along two adjoining walls, which will give you a wide cooking surface and help you keep your tools organized.
  • Galley kitchen: This is a classic layout that homeowners with narrow areas often choose. These designs usually feature a central walkway with countertops and cabinets on both sides, so everything you need while cooking is within easy reach. They also promote efficiency. With this option, you can make your small kitchen easy to work in.
  • Single-wall kitchen: Do you live in a tiny home or a studio apartment? Single-wall kitchens are common in these properties. Although space is limited, this smart layout can accommodate essential appliances and storage solutions. However, it requires careful planning.

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Choose Your Kitchen Design

Did you choose the ideal layout? The next step is to define your kitchen design. Since this space is small, you should maximize every inch. Find some hacks below:

  • Install foldable or retractable items: If you choose breakfast bars, utensil hangers, pot racks, and tables that trucks when not in use, you’ll have functional items that will save space and reduce clutter in your kitchen.
  • Vertical storage: During the small kitchen planning phase, you need to define the storage solutions for this space. If possible, choose vertical and floor-to-ceiling ones, as they’ll help you maximize storage. Open shelves are great options in these cases.
  • Double-duty furniture: If you want to maximize space, opt for furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes. With a butcher block island, you’ll have another prepping surface and an extra seating area, for example.
  • Mirrors: Although these elements don’t serve a technical function, they can make your small kitchen look larger, which will help you feel more comfortable while cooking.
  • Smart appliances: Many appliances are designed to save space, such as countertop ovens and slim-profile dishwashers. If you want to make your small kitchen easy to work in, these options may come in handy.

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Final Thoughts: Optimizing Small Kitchen Planning

With all the tips listed above, it won’t be challenging to make your small kitchen easy to work in. However, you may need expert help for certain tasks, such as building new structures, installing cabinetry, or remodeling spaces.

If you’re planning to remodel your small kitchen, professional contractors can help you make better decisions. Contact Us at Paragon Builders for assistance on your exciting project! >>>


Frequently Asked Questions

No, it doesn’t! You can remodel your small kitchen with just a few modest changes, such as applying a fresh coat of paint, installing new hardware, or adding new items.

Even if your kitchen is small, the cost of a remodel will depend on the changes you plan to make and the overall scope of the project. Also, the materials you use to renovate this space can impact costs.


Absolutely! If you set a budget, talk to contractors and plan a small kitchen remodel that fits what you can afford.

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