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Small Home Additions – Beneficial as Well

Small home additions can help you transform your house in multiple ways. Tackling such a project will expand your floor space, making it easier to live comfortably.


Whether you want more space or better amenities, you’ll improve functionality and thoroughly enjoy your house. Learn about the benefits of small home additions to see if this project is right for you.


Benefits of Small Home Additions


Here are the benefits of small home additions:


  1. Specialty Space


Many homeowners decide that they want a specialty space, such as a sunroom, home office, or music room. While it’s possible to give up a bedroom, this may not be ideal if there are many people living in the house. Therefore, a separate addition might be warranted and will serve a dedicated purpose.


You may require specialty materials for this addition. For example, a music room might require soundproofing and extra insulation. Alternatively, a sunroom will often need sturdy walls that can hold heavy glass.

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  1. More Storage


Could you use more storage space? You might require a utility room to hold your sports equipment and other things. If you have small children, a play area might be ideal to keep all their toys in one place.


Building an addition gives you the space required to hold all those items and doesn’t clutter up the living room, bedrooms, and other areas.

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  1. Make Modifications


Small home additions don’t always mean adding another building to the house. You might have a porch you wish to enclose or a basement that would be perfect as a home office. The right contractor can help you convert the places you already have into something new and innovative.

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  1. Added Value


A home addition adds value to the property and can also raise your house’s equity, even if you don’t plan to sell.


Home equity allows you to borrow against the house to take out a loan for a vacation or renovation. It builds up over time and can help you afford new and better things as the years go by.

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  1. Alternative to Moving


Many times, homeowners outgrow their own homes, though they love the area and the property. They may not be in a position to move or don’t want to do so because of the hassles and expense. Instead, an addition could be a better choice.


In some cases, a home addition is less expensive than moving. Plus, you can add a room or two, allowing you and your family to be more comfortable.


  1. Adding Another Bedroom


When children are young, you can put two in a single bedroom. However, when they grow up, they’ll want their own space. Alternatively, you may ask your elderly parents to live with you to watch over them.


Regardless of your reasons, adding another bedroom can help you enjoy your extended family. Adult children can come back home, and elderly parents have a safe place to live out their golden years.

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  1. Bring in Extra Income


Times are tough, and many homeowners want to bring in more income. Your room addition could include a bathroom, kitchenette, and bedroom, allowing you to rent it to others. Likewise, a separate entrance can be highly beneficial.

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  1. Making It Easier to Entertain


If you don’t already have one, it might be helpful to add a deck, patio, or porch to the property. It offers more living space because you can go outside to read, write, paint, or dine. Plus, you’ll find that entertaining is easier because everyone can be outdoors.


Adding an outdoor kitchen to the patio makes everything easier, as well. You can cook and be part of the conversation, ensuring that no one is stuck inside on a beautiful day.


  1. Better Energy Efficiency


During the planning phase, you can add energy-efficient materials and features. Things like better insulation, HVAC systems, and high-efficiency windows can help lower your utility bills.


  1. More Safety


As you start planning for your home addition, it’s wise to look at other areas of the house. For example, you may replace outdated doorknobs and locking mechanisms, rewire the place, and repair cracked walls.


Update the visual appeal of your home and contribute to a safer environment for your guests and family members.


Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Small Room Additions


There are so many benefits of small home additions because you can do various things. Whether you need a utility room, office, or an extra bedroom, Paragon Builders can make it happen.


We can discuss your concerns and requirements, helping you plan and design a small room addition that meets all your needs. You can solve your storage and living space problems, increase your property’s value, and much more. Contact us today for free advice!


Frequently Asked Questions About Small Home Additions

There are various types of small room additions you could consider for your home. These include:


  • Kitchen addition (outdoor or indoor)
  • Mudroom addition
  • Sunroom addition
  • Bathroom addition
  • Home office addition
  • Bay window addition
  • Second-story addition
  • Garage addition
  • Bedroom addition
  • Accessory dwelling unit

Whether you plan to add an accessory dwelling unit on the property or create a second story, a small home addition is an investment. If you aren’t planning to move soon, this could be a way to enjoy more space without leaving.


Small home additions, though beneficial, do require a significant amount of money and time. Make sure you know how much you can afford to spend and what you’ll get from the extra space.

The price of a small home addition depends on various factors. On average, expect to pay $50,114 for a larger project. Check out the potential costs you may incur when adding onto your house:


Exterior/interior doors$250 to $2,000
Flooring$0.50 to $15 per square foot
Drywall$1 to $3 per square foot
Windows$250 to $1,000 each
Roofing$75 to $600 per square foot
Labor costs$40 to $200 per hour


It’s often wise to contact Paragon Builders to request a free consultation. We answer your questions and give you a detailed estimate to help you decide if this is something you can afford.

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