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Room Additions

  A Short Guide to Room Additions

Room additions can be one of the best ways to increase a home’s living space. A popular reason why homeowners decide on room additions is a second child. The current kids’ room is naturally not big enough for two.

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A Quick Explanation of What Room Additions Are

Making a living space much more prominent is a simple enough concept. The process will likely evolve, tearing down an existing wall and extending the ceiling and floors into what is currently thin air. To be able to get that done, there are quite a few things that any homeowner needs to account for.

Not all homes or parts of a house will be suitable for an addition. Different things come into play, like the boundaries on the property and the home’s original foundation. While room additions can undoubtedly be a great home improvement project, they are not always viable.

Home additions could also change the entire exterior design that a house initially had. That’s a scary thought for many homeowners. Despite this, it’s a home improvement project worth exploring.

How To Know if a Home Can Hold a Room Addition

The very first thing that needs to happen to be able to start a room addition project is to check the home’s foundation. Any problems spotted within the foundation must be fixed before an addition can be started. At the same time, a structural engineer must greenlight the project, verifying the existing foundation can handle the added weight.

When the numbers indicate that an addition is possible, then comes the design assessment. Poorly designed home additions can completely alter the original design of the house. That can make the home look bad and diminish its resale value.

This part of the process is the most important. It will not only determine whether the home addition is viable, but as mentioned, it will greenlight the rest of the project. Therefore, picking the well-known commodity of a structural engineer is preferred.

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What Are the Actual Benefits of Room Additions?

There’s going to be more space to put things inside the house. That’s the most fundamental reason people decide to extend their homes. Extending a home, though, can also increase the property’s value.

Another significant benefit of a proper room addition could be to add natural light to a room. Certain rooms get caught behind the neighbor’s house and never see the sun. Once the room is extended, more natural light can help save money down the road since the need for heating won’t be so great.

Why Room Additions Can Be a Great Option in a Bad Housing Market

Is the housing market not at a point where it makes sense to sell an existing home to buy a new one? The family is still getting bigger, though, so a room addition is an excellent solution to ensure everyone fits comfortably in the house. As was previously mentioned, a properly executed room addition can add value to a home.

A room addition project will be less expensive than buying a new home. In a lousy housing market, these projects can be considered investments for the future. At the same time, they are covering an immediate need: more space around the house.

Creative Designs or Budget Projects

Ideally, when creating room additions, homeowners can find a decent middle ground between a project on a reasonable budget and a design that will benefit the look and feel of the property. One of the things to keep in mind is that the process isn’t just going to involve extending a wall.

In extending the wall, there will likely be ceilings, floors, and roofs involved. That’s why it’s crucial to understand which part of the house is better suited for the extension. To make that decision, both the property owner and the contractor must consider multiple elements.

Deciding Which Contractor to Pick

The decision to trust a particular contractor must be taken seriously in these types of projects. What are the key points to keep in mind when hiring a contractor?

  • Proven experience in similar projects.
  • Knowledge of the different materials used in the procedure is fundamental.
  • Ensuring the contractor is willing to stick to the agreed-upon blueprint religiously.

There are, of course, different elements that could come into play. These three fundamental elements can be the base to weed out candidates who won’t be able to get the job done. A good contractor will ensure that the project stays on budget and that the final product will follow the original plan accordingly.

A guest room with a unique TV wall

Pros and Cons of Room Additions

Is a room addition something that’s going to benefit every single home? The answer to that question is actually no. That doesn’t mean that additions can’t be a true asset to other homes. That’s why it makes sense to run through the pros and cons.


  • An addition is going to provide more space inside the house.
  • It can add value to the property.
  • Technically, there’s no limit to how significant an expansion can be.


  • A room addition could completely alter the original design of the house.
  • Not all room additions are going to be allowed by the city or the HOA.
  • A poorly executed project could decrease the value of the home.

Final Thoughts

Room additions are not just something that can benefit large families. Space within a home is a quality that could be overlooked until it’s scarce. Despite this, many people still shy away from this type of home improvement project.

The prominent fear people cite when they decide to forgo a room addition project is messing up the house’s original design. There’s no question that this is a very valid concern. That’s why ensuring the right people are in charge of the project is so important.

As a homeowner, these are the types of home improvement projects that are worth overanalyzing. In most of the other cases, a poorly executed “improvement” project won’t be irreversible. This is one of those situations, though, where everyone involved needs to know what they’ve signed up to do.

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