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Custom homes: Scandinavian Style – Everything You Must Know

Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have specific design aesthetics that many Americans want to incorporate in their homes. The goal is to inspire and instill calm feelings, and this guide to Scandinavian style will help you create the appearance you want in your full-house renovation.


What’s the Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian style comes from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Though the modernist lifestyle flourished in other areas of the world, Scandinavia refined itself into an aesthetic of minimalism, simplicity, light, and nature. Therefore, you’ll see bright spaces, and the furnishings have coziness, clean lines, and bold patterns.

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Overall, the Scandinavian style is:

  • Inspired By Nature – You’ll see organic shapes, green plants, sheepskin rugs, wool, and natural wood in this style.
  • Cozy – Embrace a relaxing lifestyle with a comfortable space, plenty of candles, and cozy throws.
  • Bright and Light – White walls pair with light-wood flooring to maximize the natural light coming into the home. Décor and furniture are minimal to create an open and airy feeling.


However, the Scandinavian style is not:

  • One Note – Vintage and contemporary pieces that share a lightness and simplicity of form often mix comfortably with the Scandinavian style.
  • Cluttered – Accessories and furniture are kept to a minimum to provide a spacious and clean look. Your belongings should be well-organized.
  • Heavy or Dark – Think about cozy sheepskins, either fake or real, light-wood chairs, and a white-walled space. Overall, dark colors or heavy layered rugs won’t work in this style.


Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Style

In our guide to Scandinavian style, you’ll learn a few tips to help you create it, whether you’re thinking of adding room additions or just want to update the décor in your house. Here are some ideas:


1. A Mixture of New and Old

Unlike the contemporary or modern styles, Scandinavian styles embrace an eclectic mixture of items. Think about vintage chandeliers, sleek modern tables, mid-century chairs, and English roll-arm sofas.

The sofas and armchairs should have lean, low profiles, and your accent tables will likely be in a light wood or white finish. Likewise, the upholstery is often neutral and sold, though bold colors and patterns are ideal for accent pillows and rugs.

Vintage Revival


2. Consider Mid-century Furniture

Many people use Scandinavian designers for their mid-century furniture pieces. People like Verner Panton, Hans Wegner, and Arne Jacobsen are ideal because they look at home in a Scandinavian space. You may want to choose one standout piece to elevate the whole room!


3. Focus on Pale Floors

One key objective in the Scandinavian style is to focus more on maximum light. Pale wood floors can help the light bounce around. You can choose light-hued wood, such as light ash, birch, or pine. However, you can also paint them white, bleach them, or lime them. Then, you have to think about the accessories. Housing units with pale floors and pops of color are ideal.

Warm Wood Finishes


4. A Light Palette Is Crucial

Our guide to Scandinavian style wouldn’t be complete without talking about the color palette. Typically, these spaces are generally pale washes of color, clean white, crisp black, and other mute colors. However, brighter hues appear in the form of textiles, accessories, and artwork.


5. Don’t Forget Color

People building custom homes shouldn’t forget color altogether. Though Scandinavian styles often lean more on crisp white, cheerful hues and playful patterns are welcome. The key here is to balance pops of color with clean white space.

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6. Think of the Finishing Touches

We couldn’t forget the finishing touches in our guide to Scandinavian style. The goal is to create a cozy mood with natural materials and touchable textures. Typically, graphic black and white pair well with calming neutrals.

Make sure you consider the accessories, such as greenery, sculpted candlesticks, woven baskets, knitted throws, cut firewood, and sheepskins.


Ideas for a Scandinavian Kitchen

If you’re thinking of tackling a kitchen renovation, the Scandinavian style works well here. However, the focus should be on comfort, natural light, and efficient use of your space. Minimal and clean are the goals here. Natural wood and white are predominant, and you’ll want smart storage details. Consider these features:

  • Sleek fixtures and appliances
  • Smart organization
  • Modern lighting
  • Streamlined cabinets

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Considerations for a Scandinavian Bathroom

Most of the features in Scandinavian kitchens work well in a bathroom renovation too. You want the streamlined and sleek look. Consider frameless mirrors, floating vanities, glass shower panels, wood floors, modern lighting, and bright hardware. Next, choose a statement-making accent, such as a freestanding tub, to complete the look!

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Final Thoughts on Our Guide to Scandinavian Style

Hopefully, this guide to Scandinavian style will help you determine how to tie everything together to create a balance between color and white space.

If you’re interested in renovating your home, Paragon Builders can help with the design and drawing plans, creating the perfect space. Call (858) 336-8336 today to begin your new project.


Frequently Ask Questions

Not many factors are more important to your design than how the space will be used. For example, if the main presence is going to come from kids and pets, you’ll want to ensure that it is child and animal-friendly. Sticking to furniture with rounded edges is one way to go about this.

Perhaps you intend to use the space for parties, or even just lounging around. The kind of furniture used and the spacing will be affected by this.

There are so many ways to set the mood as you expand entertaining into your yard. Examples include furniture arrangements, lighting, the types of furniture used, greenery or lack thereof, etc.

While you don’t have to, it’s an investment you should consider. Custom homes and their elements come together best when there is a certain level of knowledge and experience that goes into their layouts.

When you work with Paragon Builders, for example, you can enjoy the feeling of being at the center of every decision made while knowing that you are being taken care of and in good hands. The only limit is your imagination, so feel free to bring your idea forward and watch it be realized.

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