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Custom Homes: Rustic Style – Everything You Should Know

Knowing how you want your home to look after a full-house renovation is essential. If you like the idea of rugged beauty and natural materials, then this guide to Rustic Style is for you. Continue reading to learn all about it!


What Is a Rustic Style?

The rustic style embraces the outdoors and its natural beauty. Therefore, the materials are often raw, if possible, so you’ll see brick, stone, and exposed wood beams. Likewise, you’ll enjoy comfortable and large furniture with cozy, warm textiles.

Overall, the rustic style is inspired by lakes, rivers, plains, and woods. It can be simple, such as a log cabin, or as large as a mountainside ski lodge.

Though the rustic style was inspired by the past, many homeowners are interpreting the contemporary or modern designs with streamlined furnishings, whether for garage conversions or room additions.


Rustic style is:

  • Cozy – The rustic style focuses on the home comforts you crave after being outside, such as warming textiles, fireplaces, and overstuffed armchairs.
  • Rugged – The furnishings are hardy enough for heavy wear. Likewise, materials are weathered and tough, so aged pieces fit right in.
  • Natural – Most materials are organic and raw. Think of heavy beams, live-edge wood, stone, leather, copper, brick, slate, and soapstone.


However, the rustic style is not:

  • Polished – Highly polished chrome doesn’t fit in with the aesthetic. Instead, think of soft, gleaming wood.
  • Trendy – Heritage and tradition are the strong suits for rustic style. Leave out the trends and fads and focus on pieces that withstand the test of time.
  • Complicated – The rustic style focuses on getting away from everything. You’re not complicating life with your fussy décor; keep it straightforward.

What Is a Rustic Style


Tips for Creating a Rustic Style

Our guide to rustic style focuses on certain key elements and tips for creating them in your home. Whether you’re considering a bathroom renovation or want to redo the entire house in rustic tones, you’ll find inspiration here!


Rough-hewn Wood

When creating custom homes, most homeowners find that rustic styles work well for them. The key ingredient here is wood; it’s not an afterthought. Whether you choose wood wall paneling, beams, counters, floors, furniture, or all of the above, natural wood is a must for a rustic house.


Natural Hues

Next in our guide to rustic style, you have to focus on the colors, which are often pulled from nature. Think about the rusty red autumn leaves instead of the fire-engine red that’s loud.

Echo the colors of natural materials, such as warm woods and stone. Then, add accents and paint colors in similar shades for a cozier, richer look.


Here are a few shades to consider:

  • Spicy Hues – Saffron, cinnamon, chili pepper, pumpkin, and baked apple
  • Earth Tones – Mushroom, chestnut, terra cotta, umber, and sepia
  • Neutrals – Stone, wheat, straw, cream, and buttermilk


Hefty Furniture

Furniture is the next thing to ponder in this guide to rustic style. It must be durable and strong to work well in a rustic home. Focus on leather sofas and armchairs with solid wood coffee tables. Solids make up most of the upholstery, and texture is more important than the pattern. Overall, burlap, nubby linen, soft velvet, and buttery leather are ideal.


Let’s focus on some details and finishing touches for your rustic home:

  • Chandeliers – Chandeliers offer the right balance of statement and glow in a rustic space. Whether you choose resin antler fixtures, wood wagon wheels, or classic candelabra styles, make sure it has a dimmer switch for full ambiance.
  • Artwork and More – Express your respect and love for nature with carefully chosen textiles, art, and accessories that will help you think of the landscapes, creatures, and traditions of the region. Things like fake fur, sheepskin throws/pillows, kilim rugs, and nature photos and art will all work well.

Tips for Creating a Rustic Style


Features of Rustic Kitchens

Whether you’re putting in accessories housing units for a kitchen outside the house or want to remodel what you already have, a rustic kitchen design is ideal. Here are the features to consider:

  • Natural Wood – Knotty wood cabinetry, wood floors, exposed wood beams, farm tables, wooden butcher blocks, and other wood accents will bring warmth to the kitchen space.
  • Brick and Stone – You must include as many natural materials as possible, and you want fewer polished items. Consider soapstone, slate, stone veneer, brick, and more.
  • Cast-iron and Copper Pots – The accessories you choose for your kitchen should be practical and fit in with the aesthetic. Cast-iron and copper work well. Put them on display with a hanging rack!
  • Weathered Hardware – Antiqued brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and hammered copper all work well for cabinet pulls.

Features of Rustic Kitchens


Final Thoughts on Our Guide to Rustic Style

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide to rustic style. It will come in handy when you’re deciding what you want to do in your home. Whether it’s a full renovation or an update to one room, Paragon Builders is here to help.

We can create design and drawing plans that will meet all of your needs and help you bring it all to life. Please call (858) 336-8336 to start your next project today!


Frequent Ask Questions

Rustic styles focus on natural, organic, and aged items. They might even be distressed a little. Sometimes, homeowners use coastal, Tuscan, and farmhouse styles, describing them as rustic.

Overall, a rustic style is completely opposite of the contemporary or modern design.

A farmhouse style is often focused on an inviting and cozy aesthetic, but a rustic design is usually characterized by raw and rugged tones. However, they can intermingle with each other, and the outcome is more farmhouse in nature.

Typically, rustic interiors feature distressed or unfinished wood, exposed brick, and other elements. However, farmhouses are often more refined and polished. Our guide to rustic style can help you create the perfect home design!

If you’re going for a rustic design after a kitchen renovation, you should focus on no-fuss furniture, natural materials, and earthy or neutral tones. Overall, rustic décor is about relaxation, subdued hues, and showcasing the wooden beams or touches of clay and stone in the house. Likewise, comfortable furniture is crucial!

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Your Guide to Rustic Style – Everything You Should Know
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