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Try These Top-quality Room Additions Solana Beach Is Proud Of

When investing in top-quality room additions, Solana Beach homeowners need to make sure they hire the right contractors to help them realize their home improvement vision. With the help of Paragon Builders, you can explore a wide range of modern and exciting renovation ideas that you and your family will be proud of.


Is Your Home Suitable for a Room Addition?

Before rushing to demolish the walls of your home, you need to ensure that your home can handle a room addition. Unfortunately, due to various issues surrounding location, design, and space, not all homes are suitable for a room addition project.

As such, it is better to seek the advice of an experienced contractor before initiating any sort of work on the house. One of the key areas to look at is the foundation. In some cases, it will not be able to handle the additional weight of the extra room.

After looking at the foundation, you will need to work on the design so that your room addition can be done in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. A good contractor will be able to assist you with all of that.

Is Your Home Suitable for a Room Addition


8 Top-quality Room Additions Solana Beach Homeowners Can Try

Do you need some great ideas for a 2024 room addition? Try any of the following options from Paragon Builders:

  1. Home Office

There is a reason why most of the custom homes we build these days consist of a home office. The future of employment lies in remote working, which is why you need to start preparing for that.

With a modern home office in your house, you do not need to commute daily to work just so that you can do some productive work. Take this room addition opportunity to add a workstation to one of the quiet sides of your house.

Home Office

  1. Trendy Bump Out

Not all room additions require extensive work. If all you need is to add a few extra feet to an existing room, such as a kitchen or bathroom, why not try investing in a trendy bump-out? This type of project is simple and affordable compared to other room additions you may be thinking of.

When done correctly, a room bump out increases the available space in any room while also altering the exterior of the house. As such, many homeowners use a bump-out as a way to upgrade the curb appeal of their house.

  1. Sunroom or Four-season Room

The weather in Solana Beach is pleasant for most of the year, so your home should be designed to take full advantage of that. If you do not already have one, now is the best chance to add a sunroom or four-season room to your house.

You can either build your sunroom from scratch or make use of the many pre-fabricated options that are available. A well-designed sunroom would look beautiful and greatly increase the value of your property.

Sunroom or Four-season Room


  1. Garage Conversion

What does your home need more, a garage or an extra living space? Rather than waste valuable real estate in the form of an idle garage, you can convert that space into a living room or extra bedroom for your family.

The great thing about garage conversions is the simplicity of the process. In most cases, all you need is to convert the garage doors into a solid wall, redo the floors and ceiling, and maybe add a bigger window and your new room will be ready. A good contractor can get this done in no time.

garage conversion


  1. Second-story Additions

If you are ready to invest big in top-quality room additions, you can add a second-story room to your home. Depending on the original design of your house, this can be a very complicated process that needs to be handled by the best contractors Solana Beach has to offer.

Also, not all locations or neighborhoods may allow you to add a second-story room to your property. Your contractor will be able to help ensure that you are not violating any building codes with your room additions.

Matching Ceiling and Wall Colors Room Additions Additional Space Paragon Builders


  1. Elegant Patio Expansion

If you have a traditional patio, now may be the best time to consider expanding it into a stand-alone room.

A modern and elegant patio can be a great place to host dinner parties, backyard picnics, or simply enjoy the pleasant weather with your family on a summer evening. If designed well, your patio can also add a lot of value to your home because it will be one of the standout features of your property.

Elegant Patio Expansion Outdoor Renovation Paragon Builder


  1. Modern Bathroom/Kitchen Extension

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are something you will always have to consider doing every few years because of the ever-evolving trends in that sector. If you have the extra space for it, a bathroom/kitchen expansion could be the ideal room addition project your home needs.

This is especially true if you have an old home that features the small bathrooms and kitchens that were common back then. An extension can allow you to install that kitchen island or elegant bathtub you have always wanted.

Bathroom Renovation Tub Cozy Library Loft Paragon Builders


  1. Cozy Library Loft

Finally, if you want something unique for your home, a cozy library loft may be just the thing. In homes with high ceilings, a lot of space goes to waste that can be otherwise used in a variety of ways.

A library loft is a fairly straightforward type of room addition that will give your home a unique look and provide you with a great place to curl up with your favorite book.

Cozy Library Loft Paragon Builders


Paragon Builders: The Go-to Contractor for Room Additions

When considering investing in top-quality room additions, Solana Beach residents know that Paragon Builders can get the job done efficiently and professionally.

Our contractors have been conducting home renovations, garage conversions, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, and building custom homes for 11 years in San Diego and surrounding areas.

With us, you can rest assured that your project is in the hands of the best construction professionals, project managers, designers, and architects in California. Contact Us to get a quote!

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Try These Top-quality Room Additions Solana Beach Is Proud Of
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