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Outdoor Living Spaces: 7 Tips to Amplify and Expand Your House

You may want to make your outdoor living spaces more functional, with a beautiful design that would mesmerize every guest, but would still feel part of your house and have your own design elements in it. If that’s the case, you might be wondering how do you expand your house’s yard into an Entertaining Outdoor Living Space. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered:

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1. Work on Your Lighting to Transform the Space

The first tip of about outdoor living spaces focuses on lighting, which is always a core concern. Whether the housing project is a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or even garage conversions, lighting should always be a consideration. Professionals will bear it in mind even in the early stages such as design and drawing plans for typical or custom homes.

Lighting your exterior living space well provides greater accessibility and gives it a greater flair to make everyone around you feel more welcome than ever before. Best of all, this is usually one of the more affordable ways to give the space a facelift. Co  nsider candle and string lights, which are likely to make people want to spend more time outdoors.

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2. Weatherproof Furniture Are Key to Expand Entertaining into Your Yard

The furnishings you choose also contribute to the amount of comfort that the space will yield. If you want to expand entertaining into your yard, you’ll want to go for comfortable weatherproof furniture. Having greater resistance against the elements is one thing, but going this route also means that year-round use is more feasible.

Materials that you may consider include aluminum or all-weather wicker. Both are great at standing up to sunlight, snow, and rain. Of course, you want to create a plush feel, which is why you will combine these with blankets, pillows, and outdoor cushions.

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3. Natural Elements Make the Space Feel Complete

If there’s no natural feel outside, it’s almost as if something is missing. Of course, you

want to ensure that you create a feeling of balance in all you do. Your renovated outdoor living space would do well with flowers, foliage, or even bamboo.

Consider the kind of mood that you’re trying to set outside and l

ean into it with the greenery that you choose. Maybe the feel is meant to be romantic. How about a cozy mood? Different flowers can achieve each, so lean into their strengths.

Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space with These Tips

4.Take the Time to Think About the Color Element

You can’t expand entertaining into your yard with no thought for color. Incredibly, some choose to buy furniture pieces or other complementary elements without thinking about the way that colors will interact and what aesthetic they will give off.

Before starting to make any moves, take the time to think about how color is going to be used in your space. White, for example, is known for its ability to create a sense of calm. The same can be said for colors that are on the neutral end of the spectrum.

You are not limited to these options either. If it is that you’re more of

an energetic person or you just want to give your space energy, feel free to let all those bright colors loose!

Bear in mind that there isn’t one way to introduce color. Sculptures, textiles, your furniture, or even your foliage can do it.


5. A Soft Furnishing Upgrade Doesn’t Hurt

A good way to think of your outdoor living space is as an extension of what you have indoors. Therefore, the more archaic way of thinking about the elements that can be used outside it should be a thing of the past.

Create connectedness by opting for outdoor styles that align well with what you

have going on inside. There is an endless array of possibilities in the form of

well-designed textiles that can help you achieve this.

Ways to Connect Your Indoor and Outdoor Living Space with a California Room

6. Privacy Will Need to Be Considered

Don’t make the mistake of designing, getting the upgrade done, and then redesi

gning everything all over just in order to get as much privacy as possib

le after the fact. Instead, you want to make privacy a part of the design at the inception and design blue prints.

Thankfully, incorporating it isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. Pergolas and umbrellas are largely underestimated in their abilities. If you’re thinking of umbrellas, then you’ll want to get those on the larger side of the fence with adjustable stands. That way, there is protection from the sun alongside privacy.

You can even get nature’s help with the greenery or hedges that are both attractive and create a privacy screen.

7. Don’t Forget to Have Enough “You” in It

Even if you’re trying to expand your entertainment area into your yard to make others comfortable, it’s still your space. Remember to allow yourself to reflect on your choices, because a part of your happiness will be the extent to which it feels like home to YOU.

Guests might come for a few hours or maybe even stay a few nights – but you are still the only one who wakes up and returns to your own home everyday. From the blueprints, to the design and implementation, you are the first person who needs to feel comfortable and LOVE your new outdoor living space. Design your outdoor living space with what you love in mind, and we promise you will never get dissapointed with the results.

Outdoor Living Spaces – Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully, those 7 outdoor living spaces tips have you in the right frame of mind. If you need assistance to get your external design right, don’t hesitate to reach out to Paragon Builders for professionalism alongside a premium experience. The resulting visual and comfort always gives your money’s worth. Contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Rustic styles focus on natural, organic, and aged items. They might even be distressed a little. Sometimes, homeowners use coastal, Tuscan, and farmhouse styles, describing them as rustic.

Overall, a rustic style is completely opposite of the contemporary or modern design.

A farmhouse style is often focused on an inviting and cozy aesthetic, but a rustic design is usually characterized by raw and rugged tones. However, they can intermingle with each other, and the outcome is more farmhouse in nature.

Typically, rustic interiors feature distressed or unfinished wood, exposed brick, and other elements. However, farmhouses are often more refined and polished. Our guide to rustic style can help you create the perfect home design!


If you’re going for a rustic design after a kitchen renovation, you should focus on no-fuss furniture, natural materials, and earthy or neutral tones. Overall, rustic décor is about relaxation, subdued hues, and showcasing the wooden beams or touches of clay and stone in the house. Likewise, comfortable furniture is crucial!

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