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How to Remodel Your Bathroom so it’s Trendy and Timeless

While we use the bathroom as much as other rooms, if not more, we often fail to pay attention to its structural and design needs. It’s only befitting to give it a new makeover once in a while. At Paragon Builders, we are premium contractors with over a decade of experience remodeling homes and living spaces across San Diego. Our professionals are here to guide you on how to remodel your bathroom and make it trendy in this article.


How to Remodel Your Bathroom and Make It Trendy: Six Expert Tips


Since a trendy bathroom remodeling project can be a hefty investment, it’s essential to take the time to think about the design, layout, and features you want in that space. Giving your toilet the transformation it needs can not only ensure an everlasting appeal but may also increase the value of your home.


Here are a few tips on how to remodel your bathroom and make it trendy:


Tip 1: Install a Standalone Bathtub


Most washrooms have a shower/bathtub combo, but if you have the budget, you can go all out and purchase a standalone tub. These fixtures have had a certain elegance for centuries, making them an epitome of luxury for the super-rich.


However, today, you can find an affordable freestyle bathtub for your bathroom. Imagine coming home after a long day of work and soaking in the hot tub to wash all your worries away.


Plus, these fixtures serve as the main focal point of your bathroom and provide a structural element to the design.

Top Seven Bathroom Remodeling Tips Homeowners Need to Know


Tip 2: Create a Seamless Shower Experience


Some people like to move from the bathtub to the shower to wash away the suds and complete their hygiene regimen. However, old bathrooms are not well-equipped for such routines, as doing so could leave a water trail behind that you’ll have to clean up later.


Fortunately, trendy bathroom remodeling projects include a wet room, which consists of a bathtub and shower on the same level. This is convenient because the flooring is completely waterproof, and the water seeps through the flush drain.


Wet rooms are common at spa houses. However, if you lack the space, you can always opt for a similarly seamless experience by choosing a frameless glass shower without metal strips.


Tip 3: Subway Tile is the Best


When it comes to tiling, homeowners are often always spoiled for choice. That said, the subway tile will always be the real OG: timeless and can complement a variety of aesthetics, including retro chic, French country, and more.


You can always go for laying white subway tiles in a horizontal brick pattern, as that’s a safe bet, but don’t be afraid to mix things up for a unique design.


Tip 4: Incorporate Natural Stone


For a truly timeless look, consider natural stone when remodeling your bathroom. Incorporating dark-age or medieval-era materials can instantly transform a place, taking you back to the caveman times.


Remember: humanity’s greatest marvels, such as the Acropolis of Athens and the towering pyramids of Giza, are all made of stone. Most homeowners incorporate this material because it represents eternity, resilience, and elegance.

Do Conduct Preliminary Research


Tip 5: Add Trendy Textures


It’s time to incorporate your personality and trendy accents into the bathroom. Spruce up the little things, such as towel racks, lighting fixtures, and hardware.


Make sure you do your research into what’s trending or speak to an experienced contractor. They can walk you through their previously completed projects to help you understand the final transformation.


Tip 6: Consider a Vanity


Standing in front of your vanity in the morning to get ready may be an essential part of your daily routine. When remodeling, you can spruce up this space by opting for natural wood like teak.


Make sure that your vanity is as timeless as the rest of your house. Modern options can make the space feel outdated. Stick to the classics and integrate convenience, such as in-drawer plug-in outlets.


A key thing to remember when rebuilding a vanity for your bathroom is that it should have adequate lighting and fixtures that complement the rest of the accents.


Additionally, invest in more storage space, as this can help reduce the clutter and ensure all of your products are safe and away from direct sunlight.


Final Thoughts on Trendy Bathroom Remodeling


Bathrooms can provide a personal space for many homeowners and their family members. For the perfect remodeling experience, it’s crucial to work with premium contractors like Paragon Builders.


Call us at +1 (858) 336-8336 to speak to a skilled professional. We will walk you through the steps involved in the remodeling process, from initial design to bringing your ideas to life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since a bathroom remodel can be a significant investment, homeowners should prioritize quality and durability when choosing hardware, electrical, and light fixtures. Long-lasting components can provide peace of mind for years to come and maximize the return on investment.


An experienced contractor can work with the homeowner and help them understand the available options, allowing them to create a bathroom that’s not only timeless but also functional and everlasting.

Whether renovating or remodeling, any home improvement project can be extremely rewarding. However, if you don’t have the skills and expertise, it’s best to let reputable contractors handle the construction work.


While bathroom remodeling is far more challenging than renovating a living space, working with an experienced and reliable professional can lead to a smooth experience.

There are a couple of steps homeowners can take to prepare themselves for a bathroom remodel, and these include the following:


  • Confirm lead times before hiring a contractor
  • Talk to the contractor about the entire remodeling process
  • Schedule everyone’s bathroom routines
  • Sort and organize the toiletries
  • Add a caddy for more shelf space to accommodate your family’s needs
  • Shower at the gym (keep this as a last resort)
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