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How to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out | Five Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Do you want to create an attractive place to gather and cook with your loved ones? These five kitchen remodeling ideas will help you make your outdoor kitchen stand out!

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly common in contemporary backyard landscapes as people now focus on adding functional and beautiful areas to their properties. Plus, it’s the perfect place to cook a delicious meal, share refreshing drinks, and enjoy the good weather with your loved ones.

If you add an outdoor kitchen to your property, its value will also increase considerably. All potential homebuyers will want to have a similar area for their backyard barbecues.

However, you may be wondering how to make your outdoor kitchen stand out. What kitchen remodeling ideas can make this area more attractive? Find the best ones here!

5 Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Do you want your outdoor kitchen to become the go-to spot for your friends who love backyard barbecues? The smell of a grill cooking some delicious burgers will definitely attract them. However, there are other ways to make this area more inviting and unique. Consider these ideas:

#1 Incorporate Stonework

If you’re planning a quick and easy outdoor kitchen renovation, consider incorporating stonework into the countertop’s backsplash or cabinet facade.

With stones, you can tie the entire backyard space together. If other parts of the property have these features, creating a uniform design will be much easier.

Whether you choose rough stones or exposed brick, these features can add aesthetic value to your property because they look amazing in backyard settings. That’s why they have become popular options in recent years.

You can also consider stonework for the area’s flooring. It’s an attractive, low-maintenance option that will help you save time and money in the long run. These are some of the alternatives you can consider:

  • Brownstone
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Pebbles
  • Gravel

#2 Choose a Unique Flooring Option

What is the most important consideration when planning a full house renovation? Flooring it’s definitely one of the options that may come to your mind. The floor not only makes your home look more beautiful but can also define its functionality. The same is true when it comes to outdoor kitchens.

Installing appliances, accessories, housing units, pools, and any other item or structure in the backyard, patio, or deck requires exceptional groundwork for excellent results. This applies to outdoor kitchens and their countertops. Additionally, the right floor will make this space considerably more attractive.

If the outdoor kitchen is on your patio, the floor is probably made of concrete. Patios are known as “hardscapes” because they’re essentially landscapes made from stone, wood, concrete, and composite, which are considered “hard” materials.

In this case, you can just improve its finish or coating, as poured concrete looks great with stainless steel appliances. If you have dark stone countertops, this could also be an excellent option.

The most popular outdoor deck flooring option in the United States is real wood, specifically cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood. Although they look beautiful, floors made from these materials require regular maintenance because they’re vulnerable to pest infestation and water damage.

If you’re struggling to pick the best flooring type for your outdoor kitchen remodeling project, don’t hesitate to contact an expert.

Choose a Unique Flooring Option

#3 Add Stunning Countertops

If you’re building new kitchens for custom homes or as room additions, countertops will definitely be the most essential features. Well, the same is true for outdoor kitchens.

With a high-quality, durable poured concrete counter or a stunning granite slab, you can create the perfect outdoor kitchen space and make it stand out. They’re two of the best kitchen remodeling options you’ll find.

However, you just need to be a little more creative to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. By incorporating a kitchen island with countertops that match the area’s style, you’ll create a beautiful and harmonious space to cook and gather with your loved ones.

#4 Choose Custom Cabinetry

If it reflects your style and the area’s design, custom cabinetry can make your outdoor kitchen shine! Additionally, cabinets will give you more storage space. They’ll help you keep your grilling tools, cutlery, and even pool chemicals organized.

#5 Consider Adding Pergolas and Awnings

These kitchen remodeling ideas can help you make your outdoor kitchen stand out and be easy to work in, but what about functionality when the temperatures are high?

If you plan to use your outdoor kitchen during the summer to cook a delicious dinner while your guests take a refreshing dip in the pool, will there be enough shade?

With pergolas and awnings, you can create pockets of shade, so your friends don’t overheat while they enjoy the delicious food and drinks you prepare. Plus, they’re beautiful focal points for outdoor spaces.

Consider Adding Pergolas and Awnings

Final Thoughts

Making your outdoor kitchen stand out is completely possible with the right kitchen remodeling ideas. When drafting the design and drawing plans, it’s important to consider countertops, cabinets, flooring, and other features to add appeal and value to this area.

If you need help with your outdoor kitchen remodeling, Paragon Builders can give you a hand! We have extensive experience in bathroom renovation, garage conversions, and other projects for those who want to build the home of their dreams. Call us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Although there are endless options, cabinets made from reclaimed or upcycled wood are the most popular because they look great in any setting, especially when installed near pools or lakes.

However, stainless steel and marine-grade polymer are better options for those who prefer durable cabinets and are concerned about potential weathering effects.

Yes, there’s an ocean of options if you want to choose the perfect countertop to make your outdoor kitchen stand out.

Countertops come in multiple colors, textures, and patterns. Therefore, it’s challenging to choose the one that best aligns with your home’s style and design. However, you can contact a professional if you need help making the right decision.

Choosing the right color for your outdoor kitchen floor will depend on different aspects, including the area’s design and style. Darker-colored materials are ideal for rustic spaces.

However, if you want to give a beautiful and beachy touch to your outdoor kitchen, you can consider lighter options.

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How to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out
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