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How to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful and Easy to Work In | Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Want to make your kitchen beautiful and easy to work in? With the following kitchen remodeling tips for an outstanding and functional space, you’ll achieve the best results!

From having rushed breakfasts before going to work to preparing meals with your loved ones on special occasions, the kitchen is a place that will host many experiences and activities. As such, it needs to look good and be fully functional.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation project or designing new areas for custom homes, this space can make it easier to cook, clean, eat, and even entertain and still be beautiful enough to enjoy the time you’ll spend there.

However, you need the right design and layout. If you want to have a beautiful and functional kitchen, these remodeling tips can make that happen. Read on!


Design Wide Walkways

When drafting the design and drawing plans for your kitchen renovation, ensure the floor plan includes enough space between the island and the cabinetry. If there’s enough room, you’ll be able to move easily throughout the area, saving time when completing your daily tasks.

As a rule of thumb, paths throughout a kitchen should be at least 3 inches wide. However, these dimensions may vary slightly. If there are aisles within the area, they should be 42 inches or 48 inches wide for one-cook and two-cook configurations, respectively.

Open the Kitchen!

If you’re planning a full house renovation or can afford a major remodel project, an open kitchen could be one of the best design options. These styles create a lot of space. Also, as there are no barriers, isolated or blocked-off areas will no longer be an unpleasant problem.

However, keep in mind that open kitchens are more than just room additions. This design involves removing walls and allowing the kitchen, dining area, and living space to blend seamlessly to make the entire house feel bigger.

Open the Kitchen!

Separate the Working Area from the Social Part

Whether designing a new kitchen for custom homes or renovating the existing one, traffic flow is an important consideration. Do you think you’ll be able to finish cooking a meal if you’re bumping into people who are constantly coming and going?

The range or cooktop shouldn’t be placed along a busy path if traffic flows through the kitchen or the area is used for gatherings. Ideally, you should separate the working zone from the social part of the kitchen.

Kitchen islands are ideal to do this, as they keep your loved ones nearby while you’re cooking. You’ll have the best time chatting with them and preparing delicious food.

Place Commonly Used Items Close Together

If you want to ensure your kitchen is functional, you should also consider the items you use on a daily basis.

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project? Eliminate wasted steps and save time by placing the items you commonly use close together. This not only refers to keeping the coffee mugs and plastic containers in a handy spot, but you should also make the appliances, such as the refrigerator or dishwasher, accessible.

However, you should avoid clutter. Find a way to organize these items without interfering with your kitchen’s design and look.

Pay Attention to Corners

This is one of the best tips for any change to your home, whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation or a kitchen remodeling project. It’s crucial to consider the corners when deciding where your furniture and appliances should be placed.

In this regard, when designing your kitchen, think about where you’ll put the cabinetry and common appliances. You should plan space for the clearance and swing direction of their doors. They should be fully functional!

Although this depends on the brand and model you choose, it’s ideal to keep appliances away from corners. Plus, if opened simultaneously, their doors shouldn’t bang into each other.

Besides making this area more functional, this kitchen remodeling tip will help this space look clean and neat.

Add a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island

Have you considered garage conversions to convert the place where you park your car into a storage area or even a bedroom? Multi-purpose areas are a game-changer in small spaces!

This idea can also help you with your kitchen remodeling project. If the area is small, you can add a multi-purpose kitchen island. The right choice will give a beautiful and personal touch to your kitchen if it matches its style.

With multi-purpose accessories, housing units can be ideal for a new kitchen, for example. You only need plenty of storage space.

Moreover, you can consider your lifestyle needs. Do you need more storage space? Do you want a unique feature on your kitchen island, such as a wine cooler? Is it important to have extra seating for your family? If you answer these questions, you can choose an option that serves multiple purposes and helps you save space while embellishing this area.

Add a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island

Final Thoughts

Although it’s time-consuming and requires a significant investment, a kitchen remodeling project can make a difference in your home. Additionally, you can make this area beautiful and easy to work in if you consider the right ideas and designs.

Do you need help with your kitchen remodeling project? At Paragon Builders, we can give you a hand. Our team has decades of experience in home renovation projects and is ready to help you build the kitchen of your dreams. Call us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

A concept developed in the early 20th century, the kitchen work triangle, was designed to simplify cooking, cleaning, and storing food.

If you implement this design in your kitchen, these three task areas should be just a few steps away from each other, forming a triangle. This concept will make the workflow in the kitchen more efficient.

Are you considering a kitchen remodeling project because your family has grown? If you have extensive cooking and food storage needs, it could be a great idea to double up on the appliances you commonly use.

However, this is something that should be considered during kitchen planning. If a second appliance is placed in the right area, it can spread out the workload to avoid delays and accidents. Plus, it’ll keep other people out of the cook’s way.

A kitchen remodeling project is often expensive, but it’s the best way to make this area beautiful and functional. Plus, if you work with professionals, you’ll get the best results. Therefore, it’s worth it!

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How to Make Your Kitchen Beautiful and Easy to Work In | Best Kitchen Remodeling Tips
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