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How To Choose The Right Hardware For Your Home – Comprehensive Guide

Anyone who is going to be undertaking a full house renovation project that will include kitchen or bathroom renovation may come across this challenge. What type of hardware is going to fit the area best? To find the right hardware for a home, it’s important to go through the process step by step.


One of the biggest mistakes people make in this process is focusing on elements that are not essential first. It’s okay to dream big and have an idea about the type of style or design that the area will feature. To the surprise of many, that may not be the first thing that needs to be decided.  


Figuring out the Size of the Hardware Is the First Step

It doesn’t matter if this hardware will be part of the aforementioned kitchen renovation project or if the homeowner is doing some room additions. The first step in the process of how to choose the right hardware for a home is to start creating the design and drawing plans.


Ideally, these plans will feature the actual size of the elements or furniture that will go in these rooms as part of the layout. That way, if new cabinets are used, for example, it’s easier to eliminate handles that are too large for the size of the cabinet.


In the process, builders may come to the realization that knobs may be the best way to open some of the doors on these cabinets. The challenge here is choosing elements that are the right size to look the part but can also be fully functional.

Figuring out the Size of the Hardware Is the First Step


Choosing a Style That Matches the Furniture

Some of the worst-looking hardware items look bad because they are put in the wrong places. Take a gold handle with a unique inscription engraved in it. The handle by itself can be a complete work of art. In spite of this, if it’s put on a rustic-style door or cabinet, the two items would look like they were made in different eras.


The best way to choose the right hardware for your home is to look at it as a complement to the larger items that these pieces will be attached to. When people pick out a door, they look for it first and then find the knob that can look right on it. This is how most people will be able to find success in choosing household hardware items.


Going back to the rustic cabinet example, those cabinets can benefit quite a bit from sturdy metal handles. That’s not only because the handles will match the look of the cabinet. They also need to be sturdy enough so that when you pull on them to open a drawer, they can handle the weight of that drawer.


Should the Hardware Stand Out?

The answer to this question will heavily depend on the type of hardware that you’re referring to. It doesn’t make much sense to have some exterior plumbing pipes painted in bright colors unless that’s part of the look and feel of the place. In most cases, this is something people want to hide.


This dilemma of whether to allow hardware to stand out comes up regularly in garage conversions or when building accessory dwelling units. When people can see the screws that were used to build the unit, it can make the structure look poorly made.


There are always exceptions to this rule, of course. Maybe a person wants to build an ADU and make it look like an old-fashioned log cabin or a tree house. In that situation, they may not be so worried about hiding nails, screws, and other accessories for housing units that may stand out.


Hardware Can Serve As the Perfect Contrasting Element

While certain hardware elements are worth hiding in drawers, cabinets, and other types of furniture, hardware can serve as the perfect contrast.


Those rustic wooden furniture sets that were referenced earlier are a great example. Most of those will feature hard metal handles and knobs, usually in dark colors. Sometimes, choosing the right hardware for your home is all about sticking to tradition.


The colors help provide a contrast that perfectly matches the element’s style. This is not just true about handles; kitchen countertops tend to be another perfect example of this contrast rule. Usually, these countertops feature a dual-color design. The handles, the knobs, and the braces that hold everything together can be painted in another tone.

Hardware Can Serve As the Perfect Contrasting Element


Key Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hardware for Your Home

Home hardware, in most cases, must be useful to the structure or area it’s in first and foremost. Handles and knobs that are not strong enough to hold the weight of doors and drawers will break apart quickly. That’s why picking hardware elements last could be a good idea.


Once the practicality issue is dealt with, then the design element can come into the picture. It’s also true that some hardware elements are only there as part of the decor. When that’s the case, people can be more lenient when choosing these hardware elements for their homes.


They won’t have to worry about their practical use, so they may be able to add smaller elements, such as braces, that can help with the contrast element. Looking for quality construction? Look no further than Paragon Builders.

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How To Choose The Right Hardware For Your Home – Comprehensive Guide
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