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How to Avoid 7 Big Redecorating Mistakes When Executing Design and Blueprint Plans

Kitchen renovation, garage conversions, or other home design and blueprint plans can be daunting to think about. Most homeowners worry about the costs and pitfalls associated with executing the remodeling project.

Learn more about the things you should consider when drafting up the design and renovation plans to help you avoid the seven big redecorating mistakes

Seven Redecorating Mistakes to Avoid When Executing Design and Blueprint Plans

When executing design and drawing plans, there are a couple of mistakes that most homeowners make. This can lead to costly planning and redecoration. Here are the seven major decorating mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Mistake #1: Choosing Paint First

When considering bathroom renovation or redecorating the accessories housing units, property owners should avoid purchasing paint at the start of the project.

Paint shouldn’t be the first thing you pick, as you’ll have trouble matching the curtains, rugs, and upholstery later on.  You should always settle on the fabric furnishings before choosing a paint scheme!

Mistake #2: Purchasing Furniture Before Taking Measurements

Something that may look fantastic in a showroom may not fit perfectly in your living space, which is why you should get your numbers right when drafting up the design and blueprint plans.

Whether you’re considering a full house renovation or want to redecorate your bedroom, use a measuring tape to take down measurements. Calculate the area available in a particular living space to help you choose a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into it.

You can even go window shopping. If a piece of furniture catches your eye, take down the measurements to determine whether it’s the right size when you return home.

Purchasing Furniture Before Taking Measurements

Mistake #3: Purchasing Everything from a Single Store

Although shopping for everything from a single store can be convenient, it can lead to a mashup of items that may not be visually appealing in your house. Consider taking some time out of your schedule to shop around.

Try out some boutiques, as they may have fantastic designs or unique items. You may also want to search online for different stores. This way, your home won’t look like cookie cutter.

If you’re unsure what to shop for or need some guidance, it’s best to work with an experienced interior designer, as they have access to a wide range of custom products.

Mistake #4: Purchasing a Whole Set

Buying furniture in a “matching” set seems appealing and is an easy way of shopping. However, this coordinated style approach may not give your living space the character or charm it needs to feel at home or impress your guests.

By mixing and matching different pieces of furniture, you’ll have a more appealing outcome. It can bring more personality into your living space and help you achieve a unique style.

To make the entire shopping experience enjoyable, it’s essential to identify the items you want to buy when drafting up the design and renovation blueprint plans.

Mistake #5: Afraid of Making Bold Decisions

Home renovations are all about moving away from your comfort zone and trying new things. Furniture that doesn’t match perfectly can bring some character into a living space, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid of making adventurous decisions.

Bold colors, feature walls, and striking patterns can bring a bit of excitement into a living space.

If you get tired of the aesthetics, revisit the design and blueprint plans to make the necessary changes. Remember, don’t be afraid to take risks

Mistake #6: Making Everything Bold

Moderation is key when redecorating your house, including the room additions. A couple of dazzling showstopper pieces of furniture or decor items can become the main focal point, all while keeping the other aspects of the living space simple.

Let a few stunning art pieces or fabric furnishings take center stage while the simple staples (sofa upholstery and rugs) take a back seat.

Consider the items or materials to incorporate in your home when drafting the design and blueprint plans. Make sure you think about how they’ll fit into the living space. A grey blanket may look dull at a shop, but it may be just what your bedroom needs.

Mistake #7: Holding onto the Past

You may have had a fair share of redecorating your home and drafting design and blueprint plans in the past. There may be some bad makeovers that you don’t want to revisit. It’s important to note that things in the past may be trendy today.

If you’ve lived through a bad paint shade or a nasty wallpaper, you may be skeptical of tying those again. You should always keep an open mind and give that tempting design trend another try.

Holding onto the Past

Final Thoughts

Making changes in your home can breathe new life into the living space. It’ll help you and your family appreciate the past memories and embrace new ones.

Whether it is building custom homes or home renovations, homeowners must partner with premium contractors like Paragon Builders for guidance on design and blueprint plans and how to decorate their living space!


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s crucial to curate your rooms carefully to avoid unnecessary clutter. You don’t need more than three to five cushions for a sofa set. Sometimes, less is more

You can place picture frames on tabletops, but placing too many can lead to a cluttered look. It’s best to have a dedicated wall for all of your cherished memories.

If you’re looking to create a gallery wall, make sure all of the frames are of the same shape in various sizes. This way, you’ll be able to see your photos without having cluttered tabletops.

Rugs can bring a lot of character to a living space. However, it’s essential to have these types of furnishing fabrics in sizes that are large enough to extend beyond the furniture. It will help frame the room.

If you find a small rug that you feel will make your living room pop, you can always layer it on top of a larger carpet with a flat, natural weave.

When considering renovations, it’s essential to reach out to a professional architect or designer to seamlessly integrate the new space into your home’s existing layout.

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How to Avoid 7 Big Redecorating Mistakes When Executing Design and Blueprint Plans
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