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How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

Kitchens are arguably the most important room in any home. Well-used, much-loved, and full of activity- the time will come when they need a bit of a makeover. The question is how long does a kitchen remodel take, and what impacts the time required to complete a project?

As experts in high-quality kitchen remodeling, Paragon Builders understands the ins and outs of project timelines and how to keep things running smoothly. Contact us to learn more about the rough time frame for your project.

Below, we have shared a rough guide to help people understand what can make a kitchen remodel take more or less time.


How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take on Average?

Before we get into how long the average kitchen remodel takes, let us be clear that it really does depend on the individual home and project. There is no set answer, and it is vital to remember that your kitchen may take longer than your friend or neighbor’s. It could also take less than half the time- you won’t know until you have a few clear plans in place.

That said, most kitchen remodels take between four weeks and three months. At what end of the scale your project lies (and whether or not it will fall outside the average) depends on a few different things.

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What Factors Influence How Long a Kitchen Remodel Takes?

Here are 5 key factors in a kitchen remodel that impact how long the project takes:

Size of the Kitchen

Generally speaking, bigger kitchens take longer to remodel- simply because there is more area to cover. Larger kitchens require more preparation, plastering, carpentry, fittings, and just about everything else, so it is safe to assume it will take longer to finish everything to a high standard.

The shape of the room can also make a difference. Kitchens with strange angles and extra corners can take longer because the work involved in plastering and finishing corners and joints is more intricate and time-consuming.

Complexity of the Remodel

Kitchen remodels are certainly not one size fits all. At Paragon Builders, we have worked on complete renovations that strip everything to the bone and start again- and minor refurbs focusing on one or two elements.

As you may expect, full-scale remodels take longer than simple updates and changes – especially if they involve new flooring, wall repairs, or layout changes. Renovations that require new plumbing or electrical rewiring will also generally have longer expected timeframes.

Appliance and Material Deliveries

One of the primary reasons most kitchen remodels take at least four weeks is the time it takes for deliveries of important parts to arrive. Tiles, specialist building materials, large appliances, and custom cabinetry are just some of the things that can take time to be delivered.

The average delivery time for kitchen parts is around two or three weeks, but custom-made fittings can sometimes take over a month. Unless the order is put in well in advance (which is not always possible due to updated measurements after building work), waiting for delivery can add a few weeks onto a project.

Special Fittings

As well as the delivery time involved with custom-made or specialist fittings and fixtures, there is also the time it takes to source or create them. Many kitchen remodel clients who are completely re-designing the space opt for made-to-order cabinetry, countertops, islands, and other features. It takes longer to design and finalize a custom piece than it does to buy from a store.

Someone buying a ready-made kitchen from a showroom can expect a faster remodel (pending other elements) than someone having one designed and built from scratch.

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Anyone who has been through a kitchen renovation can confirm that the finishing touches can take longer than expected- especially if you want to ensure maximum quality and durability.

Plastering, priming, tiling, and painting add time to any project, but the level and type of finish you want will determine just how much. Fixtures, such as handles, shelving, and faucets, also need to be installed. The more you have, the longer it takes. Some are also more complicated to fit than others.

Final design touches have a huge impact on a finished kitchen, and it is not something you want to rush. At least at this point, the construction work is out of the way, and the disruption to your life should be minimal.

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How Important Is It to Work with a Reliable Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

As well as the various considerations above, your building team will play a central role in how long it takes to finish your kitchen remodel. Some teams are more time-efficient than others, and different companies follow different working hours.

It is crucial to work with a contractor with a reputation for great timekeeping and dedication to deadlines. Before you settle on a team, discuss the working hours, start and stop times, policies, and assurances. A reliable contractor can provide a realistic timeline accounting for all the expected ins and outs- as well as a commitment to a specific schedule.

Of course, unexpected delays can arise in this line of work, but the general outline should not vary significantly if your contractor sticks to the agreed-upon plan. Paragon Builders promises clients open and honest communication throughout the project- and our team is dedicated to keeping things running on time.


You Can Count on the Time-Efficient, Professional Team at Paragon Builders

If you need a reliable contractor that will provide a realistic timeframe and commit to working as time-efficiently as possible – Call Us Today. Paragon Builders provides comprehensive kitchen remodeling services for projects large and small and is known for excellence in quality, customer service, and sticking to the schedule.


Final Thought

Answering the question, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” is like talking about the length of a piece of string – there is no set answer. That said, this guide can give you an overview of what may influence your timeframe- so you can prepare for the exciting and rewarding journey ahead.

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How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take
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