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Here's how to get a beautiful, tidy home with the help of our 5 stars experience home renovation service, this lets you avoid wasting precious time on design, and you even won't have to deal with dirt, frustration or disorder.


Are you living in your first home and planning to start a family? Or maybe a couple of retirees looking to renovate the house to host and grow old instead? Or maybe you may have loved your home just the way it is for many years, but it’s finally time to get the fancy kitchen or outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of.
We renovate your home to adapt it as your family grows.

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Warm Wood Finishes
Invest in Energy-efficient Upgrades


Each person and family has very specific needs and wants for their home.
Home renovation helps lifestyles in many ways, such as:

What will you receive in the meeting?

An introductory meeting.

Assessment of the budget required for the project and expectation alignment.

You will receive answers to all the questions you have.

Precise guidance for proper and efficient planning.

Specify your exact needs and your design style.

A precise vision of your dream kitchen and a practical action plan.


We get into the depth of the customer's needs by asking targeted questions and thus artistically translate your personal vision into the home of your dreams. During a personal visit and consultation meeting, we examine key aspects such as:

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We are Paragon Builders

For 11 years, we have been leading the field of high-end Kitchen remodeling, construction projects and additional services. You can always count on us for delivering the absolute best results, with competitive prices and high-quality performances, guaranteed.


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Answering your frequently asked questions

At Paragon Builders, we are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive project cost estimate.
We will provide you with detailed breakdwon of the expenses, including labor, materials, permits, and any additional cost involved.
our goal is to offer competitive pricing that aligns with your budget.

As a reputable construction company, Paragon Builders will develop a detailed project schedule outlining the various stages and milestones.
This will give you a clear understanding of the expected start and completion dates.
While unanticipated circumstances or changes in scope may impact the timeline, we will
promptly communicate any potential delays.

Yes, Paragon Builders is a fully licensed and insured construction company.
Our team of professionals possesses the necessary licenses and certifications to carry out the required work.
Furthermore, we maintain comprehensive insurance coverage, including liability and worker’s compensation, to ensure the protection of both our
clients and our employees.

Certainly! At Paragon Builders, we take pride in our work and can provide you with references from our satisfied clients.
Additionally, we have an extensive portfolio showcasing our completed projects, including photographs.
If desired, we can also arrange for you to visit some of our past construction sites.
This will allow you to witness firsthand the quality and craftsmanship we deliver.

Paragon Builders recognizes the importance of effective communication throughout the construction process.
To facilitate seamless communication, we will assign a dedicated project manager as your primary point of contact.
They will provide regular updates on the project’s progress, address any concerns or questions you may have, and ensure that you are well informed at every stage.
We are also available via phone, email, or in-person meetings as needed to maintain open lines of communication.

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