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Handy Tips to Prepare for Aging in Place – Bathroom Remodeling Options to Consider

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the home, and it must suit your needs as you get older. You require a functional and safe design, which is why aging-in-place bathroom remodeling is so popular. This article offers a few tips to help you prepare!


Tips for Aging-in-Place – Bathroom Remodeling at Its Finest

Custom homes should be designed for your comfort, but things can change in time. You might have focused more on aesthetics when you were younger, but now you need to consider safety. Regardless, here are some aging-in-place bathroom remodeling tips to help you decide what you require:

Tips for Aging-in-Place – Bathroom Remodeling at Its Finest


1. Consider the Location and Size of the Space

An aging-in-place design will eliminate or reduce the need for going upstairs. Though some homeowners might have the funds and space for extensive room additions, it might be easier to enlarge a first-floor bathroom instead of building a new one.


2. Door Improvements

Bathroom doors are generally 32 inches wide. If you increase the width by about 4 inches, you can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices. Typically, it’s best for the doors to open outward because access won’t be blocked if someone falls in the area.

Showers can be designed with etched glass or glass block enclosures and have wider walk-in openings. This can be beneficial because wheelchairs or walkers can enter the shower area without a fuss.

Though you might not require assistive equipment as you get older, it’s wise to prepare for being less mobile now.


3. Safe Flooring

Falling becomes more dangerous as you get older. Like kitchens, the bathroom is often considered a safety hazard because of its slippery, hard surface. Therefore, you may want to pick vinyl or textured tile flooring for a better grip. Using non-slip tile outside of the shower will create a feeling of more space and help with foot stability.


4. Bathroom Layout

Aging-in-place bathroom remodeling should also focus on the floor plan. You want to maximize the space available for movement. For instance, leaving 4 feet in front of your toilet allows you to turn the wheelchair around 360 degrees. Likewise, navigation might be easier with more open spaces in front of shower enclosures and vanities.

Bathroom Layout


5. Good Lighting

One good thing about accessories housing units is they offer natural lighting, but you won’t find that in most traditional bathrooms. There might be a small window, but you’re ultimately stuck with artificial illumination.

You could choose to add windows in the bathroom, and skylights are also a great choice. Natural lighting will help you reduce energy costs and might improve your mood.

However, if you choose artificial lighting, you want to focus on reducing glare while illuminating everything sufficiently to support your aging vision. Motion-sensor lighting might be great because you don’t have to search for a switch, and it conserves energy.


6. Shower and Tub

When focused on aging-in-place bathroom remodeling, the traditional combination of a shower and tub isn’t ideal. It’s often dangerous to climb in or out of it, which gets worse as you get older.

Walk-in tubs are ideal if you prefer a bathtub. They offer doors and bench seating to make it easier to get in and out. However, you might choose a standalone shower with a low curb/lip to give you more room. Then, you can design a built-in bench, which is often more stable and attractive than metal or plastic models.


7. Toilet

Taller toilets and grab bars are essential as you get older. It’s much easier to get up and sit down after doing your business. Typically, standard toilet sets are 15 inches tall, but switching to 19 inches will add comfort.


8. Sinks, Cabinetry, and Closets

As with garage conversions, you must focus on the storage space in your bathroom. You’ll need to think of where to put the toilet paper so that it’s easy to reach and out of the way. Likewise, you might choose to mount the sink and vanity on the wall, allowing wheelchair access as you get older.

Many older homeowners find that their drawers and shelves no longer serve a purpose. While you can use them for decorative items, you need everything within easy reach. Therefore, you might move the towels, medications, and other things lower.

The hardware you select matters, too. It might be harder to open and close drawers if you have arthritis, so bar pulls might be easier to use than knobs.

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Final Thoughts on Remodeling the Bathroom for Aging in Place

Many older homeowners don’t want to leave their homes, and they don’t have to! Aging-in-place bathroom remodeling can help you transform the space into something functional and safe, even if you’re not a spring chicken anymore!

Paragon Builders has home remodeling experts to help you renovate the bathroom and update it for safety as you get older.  Call (858) 336-8336 to get advice or start your new project!

Final Thoughts on Remodeling the Bathroom for Aging in Place


Frequently Asked Questions

A bathroom renovation for aging homeowners can help them feel comfortable and safe while living in their homes. It should focus on adding user-friendly fixtures, such as curb-less showers, wider doorways, walk-in tubs, and handheld showerheads.

Likewise, many older homeowners find that they can’t see as well anymore. Improving the lighting could do wonders and will make people feel more comfortable.

Whether you’re focused on a full-house renovation or aging-in-place bathroom remodeling, the best time of year is during early summer or spring. Most contractors don’t have much work during this time frame, so it’s ideal for planning a remodel. 

If you plan a kitchen renovation during the holidays or summer vacations, many professionals won’t be available to assist. Therefore, you may have to wait for things to be in stock and for the contractor to have time to create design and drawing plans.

If you’re aging in place and want to renovate the bathroom, focus more on the toilet and bathtub/shower areas. You may wish to remove the tub and replace it with a standalone shower (complete with shower seat and removable showerhead). Likewise, you might need a higher toilet so that you can easily get up and down with handlebars.


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Handy Tips to Prepare for Aging-in-Place – Bathroom Remodeling Options to Consider
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