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7 Things to Know Before Going All White with Your Walls

All-white walls in a home can seem like an easy one-size-fits-all solution, but it may not be for you!

When people don’t know or don’t want to overthink the wall color that they want to add to their home, they tend to go with white. The idea is that white is going to make the space look bigger. Also, people say that it allows more natural light to flow through the home. 

These things may be “true,” but that doesn’t mean that all-white walls work perfectly in every home. If you’re thinking about going with colorless walls as part of your design and blueprint plans for a full house renovation, here are some reasons to think again. 


1. White Walls Will Look Dirty Sooner

The main issue that you’re going to find when going with all-white walls is that they’ll look dirty much sooner. Many of the points that we’re going to make revolve around this idea. However, you could say, “I’d rather see and know that they’re dirty than have a color mask that issue.”

That’s certainly a nice attitude to have if your design and drawing plans feature all-white walls and you don’t want to change anything. It could come back to haunt you in a few years, though.  

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2. You’ll Repaint Earlier

Since the walls are going to look dirtier, you’re likely going to have to repaint them much earlier than you potentially expected. As mentioned, many people choose white for their walls because they don’t want to have to overthink the situation. It may be a better idea to sit down and think things through and not have to repaint every few years. 

You could say that the decision comes down to how you want to spend your time. If you can think of a color that you like for a few days, that may save you some hard work down the line.  

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3. Kitchens & Bathrooms May Not Benefit from This Color

White drywall in a shower may lead you to consider a bathroom renovation much sooner than you may have expected as well. The same thing goes for all white walls near the sink in the kitchen. You’ll want to explore a kitchen renovation in a year’s time. 

Drywall doesn’t do great with moisture, and you might be thinking the issue will persist even with blue walls. That’s completely true, but if you’re stuck on the idea of all-white walls, you might miss the chance to add tile features to the areas that could be more vulnerable. Apart from the area looking dirty, another main issue is missing the chance to look into other decent options.   

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4. Garages May Also Struggle 

Choosing white walls for garages, accessories housing units, and similar structures isn’t always ideal. If you convert a garage and you want to have all-white walls, change the floors. Otherwise, those ashy floors that tend to be a staple of these areas will do a number on your walls.       

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5. There’s No Color Contrast

Yes, you could add darker tones to the flooring inside the house if you’re going to go with all-white walls. That can be a way to get some of the color contrast that makes building custom homes so interesting. If you really think about it, though, you’re missing out on many opportunities to play with the look and feel of the place. 

It’s a little bit like going to a good restaurant and never ordering anything but your usual meal. There could be plenty of gems on the rest of the menu that you just refuse to look at.    

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6. It is Easier to Find the Right Tone

Going with all-white walls isn’t all bad, and we didn’t want to make you think that. It’s going to be a lot easier to find the tone that you’re looking for in white. That may seem like one of the dumbest statements that you’ve ever heard. 

However, if you head to the paint section at your favorite home improvement store, you’ll find plenty of options that all look white but aren’t exactly the same. Even if you decide that you want to go all-white, you’ll still have to pick the right tone and type of paint. Make sure to keep that in mind!   

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7. There is a Middle Ground

You’ll actually see this if you make that trip to your favorite home improvement store. There are plenty of light colors in tones of yellow or even gray that could almost pass as white. These tones can give you more flexibility to mix and match with the rest of the room. 

Going all-white for your walls isn’t necessarily the worst idea in the world. We wanted to make sure, though, that you understood some of the downsides and the other options that are available. If you still have doubts about this issue, it’s essential that you contact professional contractors who can help you with your dilemma.  



Does it matter what type of paint is used on walls?

This is one of the main reasons that you’ll want to get professionals involved in the process. One of the worst things that you can do is choose cheap, white paint and think that will solve your problems. Within a few years, the paint will probably be coming off the walls at a rapid pace. In short, yes, it matters.  

Is hiring professional painters worth it? 

There are two main reasons why it’s worth it. The first one is that they can help you choose the right paint for the specific part of the house that you want to cover. Professional painters will also be very diligent in preparing the area that they are going to paint. You’re less likely to get carpet stains or other tragic events.  

How often does a home need to be repainted? 

That depends on the part of the home that you’re referring to. Certain outdoor areas may need to be repainted every two or three years. Indoor walls and ceilings are usually okay for about five to seven years. 

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