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Four Ways to Use Quartz in Your Home Remodel

The choice of using quartz in any full home remodeling project is quickly becoming a popular choice for a range of construction projects due to its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

Quartz stone is also a versatile material used in various construction applications.  It is composed of natural quartz crystals combined with resins and pigments, resulting in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The range and extent of the use of quartz includes innovative manufacturing techniques, design preferences, and sustainable practices. In any full home remodeling project, the choice of quartz could apply to a range of elements and details.

In this article, the focus will be on four specific ways that quartz can be considered as a suitable, even preferred, option.

Quarts options

Kitchen Countertops

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular amongst architects and interior designers providing contemporary home design and specification.

The range, detail, finish, colours and patterns have made quartz a “must-have” surface for many home remodelling projects.

Typically scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, quartz is also non-porous, so it’s easy to keep clean.

Using quartz countertops affords the user the option to integrate related quartz products such as splashbacks, butcher’s block preparation areas and serving trays and dishes.

These are excellent ways to use cut-outs and excess wastage which might otherwise be disposed of.

Countertops are made with precision sculpting, enabling a number of design features or specific architectural elements to also be accommodated.


Bathroom/Bathtubs and Showers

Quartz is increasingly becoming a popular choice in the specification of bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Within a wider home remodeling project, quartz for the bathroom element of remodeling can be included in countertops, showers, splashbacks, flooring and tiling.

A good example of the range available is the option of using quartz to create a laundry room bench surface.

It is also popular when presented in tandem with glass in tile patterns and related glass elements.

It can be used as a shower or bathtub surround, and can be specially engineered with a honed finish, which keeps the surface flat, but safe to stand on when wet.

You can use the same color quartz on your bath and shower surrounds as you do on the bathroom countertops for a flawless, consistent finish.

Quartz has the ability to stay in prime condition, in areas prone to getting damp and wet.

Engineered Quartz is impervious to water and has an excellent finish that can make the bathroom look beautiful, and be able to remain so.



Engineered quartz flooring comes in a range different thicknesses, designs and patterns.

Incorporating solid colors, ranging from neutrals to bright reds, greens and blues. Manufacturers can add pigmentation to create a multitude of flooring choices.

This enables a wide range of finishes able to suit any design requirements, and affords integration into the differing elements of a wider home modelling project.

Because of its durability and incredible strength, quartz is the perfect choice for flooring areas which can be extremely busy and can handle much traction. For example, places that experience a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms.

The resin that’s added makes it scratch-resistant as well, so quartz is extremely low maintenance.

It also does not require sealing or buffing as other floors do.

Keeping a regular cleaning schedule, will enable quartz to maintains its natural luster and finish.

Quarts counter

Mosaic Wall Tile/ Quartz Feature Wall

Looking for something dramatically different? The variable colors of quartz blend in well with neutral surroundings or pale in elegant contrast with bold decor. Dress up your walls in the living room, den, dining room, foyer throughout any new home modelling project.

Quartz enhances the aesthetics of space in your home, especially when incorporated into the walls.

You can choose from many quartz choices and different color options.

Engineered Quartz can be designed to look like marble or granite and can be in any color you wish.

Using mixed quartz mosaic tiles on an accent wall, means that you have access to vast walling options for any room in the house.

Quartz feature walls can create a dramatic statement in your house. Adding lighting effects to a feature wall can provide an impressive and significant design feature to any room or living area.

For instance, using Quartz in the walls of your shower can make your bathroom look elegant and stylish.

Using it for the shower walls provides durability and an opportunity to make the shower the focal point of the bathroom.

With its easy cleaning options, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom clean, dry, and aesthetically pleasing.



Because Quartz is manufactured and is highly durable, it’s a great option to incorporate it into design options for any full home remodeling project.

You can use it differently in different rooms in the house, and it can be utilized across a range of elements and decorating projects.

Although it may come at a price, the length of service it provides you far outweighs the cost you’ll spend to buy the material. So, it remains a practical purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz countertops should be regularly wiped down to prevent grime and stain build-up. Cleaning with acidic or abrasive cleaners must always be avoided. Stick to simple soap and water instead, using a microfiber cloth to remove any hardened food or liquid.

There are a number of differing elements that could benefit from the use of quartz in their design.  Due to its to its natural heat resistance, fireplaces and mantles are especially conducive to the use of quartz in their design.

Additionally, innovative design of furniture and home accessories, all have the potential to be enhanced by incorporating quartz into their design. Items such as coffee tables, surface or side tables, an entertainment stand or even as the top of a desk in your home office, quartz is the perfect surface.

Quartz can add luxury and sophistication to your home. It’s a material that can accentuate any room, making it a focal point for anyone who can appreciate its appeal and who have a passion for interior design.

The use of Quartz can raise your home value. Real estate professionals know how valuable quartz is as a material and will consider floors, countertops, walls and other elements made of quartz as a unique feature of the house.

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Four Ways to Use Quartz in Your Home Remodel
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