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Four Ways to Protect Your Trees When Building or Remodeling | Creating the Perfect Design and Blueprint Plans

Do you have a bunch of trees or greenery around your home? If you’re planning a full house renovation, it’s crucial that your design and blueprint plans protect them.

The slightest mistake in your blueprint could damage your tree’s roots or branches, which can affect its health. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to protect your trees, and everything starts with proper planning.

Learn how to protect your trees by making the perfect design and blueprint plans for your renovation project.


Why Are Design and Blueprint Plans Important for Protecting Your Trees?

Trees are prone to many types of damage. The most common one is root damage, which can happen due to soil compaction, trenching, or any kind of cutting.

Root damage can prevent your tree from drawing water and nutrients, which can kill it eventually.

If you’re not careful with your design and blueprint plans, you also risk hitting the trunk. This will strip away the bark, which can create a wound. The wound will be at risk of getting infected, further damaging the tree.

Finally, it’s possible to damage your tree’s low branches if you don’t make your design and blueprint plans around them. This will also create open “wounds” where the tree can get a disease.

By creating effective design and blueprint plans for your renovation project, you ensure that you’re not hitting any vital points in your trees, keeping them in great shape while you make your home look even better than before.

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How to Protect Your Trees During Your Project

Your design and drawing plans will do a great job of ensuring the technicality and aesthetics of your project go according to your goals.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to create effective design and drawing plans regardless of the project you’re planning on executing. If you want to set up an addition to your housing unit, for example, you will want to ensure that there’s nothing around the project zone that could affect your trees.

You might also want to protect your trees if you’re doing garage conversions and are planning on creating some extra exterior space for them.

Here are four ways to protect your trees when building or remodeling your home!

#1 – Identify Which Trees Are More Vulnerable

You must create your design and blueprint plans based on which trees are more vulnerable.

Think about all the trees that are near the renovation area, as well as those that may be within the way of any construction vehicles. By talking to a professional, you’ll ensure that your trees get protected properly regardless of the project you’re working on.


#2 – Create an Identifiable Barrier Around the Trees

One of the best ways to protect your trees when building or remodeling is to set up a barrier that’s easy to see. This will prevent heavy machinery or vehicles from hitting them.

These “barriers” can include fences, flags, wood barriers, thick layers of mulch, sheets of plywood, etc. We suggest you talk to our experts to determine which type of barrier will suit your trees the best.


#3 – Make a Plan According to Local Guidelines

Some municipalities have requirements for tree protection during renovations. This includes the type of signage you should use and the type of fencing you can work with.

You must always follow local guidelines for renovations, whether you’re doing a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, or any other related project.

By ensuring your design and blueprint plans follow local ordinances, you ensure extra protection of your trees during the renovation process.

You won’t have to worry about this part if you’re hiring our team at Paragon Builders, as we have all the knowledge necessary to ensure all your property is protected during the process. With our project-tracking system, you’ll also be able to monitor each step of the experience.


#4 – Communicate with a Professional

Technically, you can identify your vulnerable trees and set up barriers yourself. However, if you don’t plan the rest of your renovation project accordingly, you still risk damaging them.

If you were to dig cellar holes or septic systems, for example, you risk cutting roots and harming your trees.

You can solve this problem by hiring a professional to create your design and blueprint plans. It’s crucial to create the perfect blueprint for home and room additions, as this will ensure that you make the most out of your space without harming your property.

It’s not just about making your new space look good; it’s also about ensuring functionality. Our experts can draft a blueprint with all the technical details necessary to protect your trees and the rest of your property.

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Bottom Line

Ensuring the functionality of your renovation design is crucial for safety. When making your design and blueprint plans, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

The expert team at Paragon Builders has decades of combined experience with home renovations. Whether you want to get accessories housing units or to make big changes to your home, our design and drawing plans will ensure that your trees are protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the company you work with. At Paragon Builders, we offer blueprints with these details:

  • Cross-Sections
  • Foundation Plans
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Plans
  • Structural Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings

Blueprints are necessary with any kind of renovation, whether you’re adding an extension or building a completely new space at your property. Our team will ensure that our project aligns with what you have in mind for the results!

A great way is to check local websites for any information about these projects. However, if you want to ensure you’re getting accurate and updated information for your custom homes, we suggest you talk to our professionals.

We have the experience necessary to create your blueprints in a way that nothing affects your trees or any of their surroundings while working.

Blueprints are crucial to laying the perfect foundation for any construction process. If you don’t design your renovation with a professional, not only do you risk damaging your trees, but you also risk getting a poor result that will cost you plenty of money in repairs later.

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