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Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Room Addition to Guarantee a Successful Project

An expertly handled room addition can add a lot of value to your home while giving you plenty of extra space for your family to enjoy. Make a short list of four questions to ask yourself before a room addition and then find out what Paragon Builders can do for you.


Room Additions Explained


The term room addition usually refers to an extra room added to the side of a building. It can be a complete room or just a bump-out that is designed to add some extra space to an existing room.


In most cases, a room addition is designed to fulfill a single function, such as a bathroom or bedroom. Unlike a renovation that seeks to upgrade the existing features of a room, an addition creates extra space where, previously, there was none.


Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Room Addition


If you are thinking of conducting a room addition in your home, here are four important questions to ask yourself:


  1. Do You Really Need a Room Addition?


This may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at the number of homeowners who invest in a room addition that they did not need. If your house has five bedrooms, for example, and you only have three people living in it, there is no need to build an extra room to use as a home office.


In such a case, what you will need is a room renovation so that you turn one of the extra bedrooms into a work area. A good and honest contractor, such as Paragon Builders, can give you the right advice in such cases. You will be able to add value to your home while channeling your funds to more important remodeling projects.

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  1. What Permissions Are Required by the Authorities?


Every area has zoning laws and building codes that you need to consider before undertaking a room addition project. In some cases, if it is a simple bump out, you may not need to worry about violating any laws. However, if, for example, you plan on adding an extra story to your home, be sure that you have the right permits before proceeding.


Another thing to consider is the rules that you agreed to when you moved into your neighborhood. Some areas require residents to notify their neighbors about planned construction projects and to get permission before making any room additions. The right contractor will help you get all the required permits and permission before the work starts.


  1. How Can You Save Money?


The cost of a room addition can vary massively depending on various factors, such as choice of materials, complexity of the design, your location, and the contractor you hire. At every juncture in the project, you need to ask yourself what you can do to save some money on the room addition.


Otherwise, if you simply pay for things without thinking, you may quickly exhaust your funds before the room is even half complete. Always keep track of all the payments you have made and the things that are yet to be paid for so that you have a clear outline of the funds required.


  1. Which Contractor Should You Hire?


As always, when you are putting your home into someone else’s hands, be sure that they are qualified to do the job well. Many homeowners are surprised when they realize the huge differences in costs, services, and workmanship between one contractor and another in the same area.


If you are looking for the right contractor, the internet is your best source of information. Here, you can browse through all the companies in your area and compare each one based on important parameters such as cost and customer ratings. When you find the contractor that you want, have all your questions ready so that both parties are on the same page before the job begins.

How to Find a Trustworthy Remodeling Team


Paragon Builders Can Get the Job Done


Whether you are interested in a simple room addition/renovation, or you want help building a custom home, Paragon Builders has what you need. With a team of expert contractors and a long list of excellent services, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.


It is not easy to find a contractor you can trust, especially when living in a busy city with many options to choose from. That is why you need to trust the word of our many happy customers and give us a call today to discuss the plans you have for your extra room.


Frequent Asked Questions

Unlike a full room addition that adds an entire room where there was none before, a bump out will simply take down a single wall and create some extra space. This type of addition expands the room while falling short of the complexity and magnitude of a room addition.


In most cases, a bump out will expand the room by a few feet, but it is not unheard of for such an expansion to add space the size of an entire room.


If you include the entire process from planning, designing, seeking permits, buying materials, and getting to work on the room addition, you may need a couple of months for such a project. However, a lot of this depends on the contractor you hire.

In most cases yes, a room must have a window for safety reasons. If you add a bedroom, for example, you will need at least two exits in case of a fire or other emergency.

When it comes to permits, the rules and regulations differ from one area to the next. This is something only an experienced contractor with a lot of local knowledge about housing codes can help you with. It is better to get all your paperwork in order rather than risk having to pay a stiff penalty later on.

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