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3 Foolproof Ways to Protect Yourself During a Remodel

Knowing ways to protect yourself during a remodel helps keep you happy and healthy in the midst of a project. Home renovation puts a lot on your plate, but your health and safety need to stay at the top of the pile. Here are three top protection tips from the professionals at Paragon Builders. 3 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself During a Remodel


1: Focus on Air Quality and Prioritize Easy Breathing Conditions

Dust is an unavoidable evil – especially in a full house renovation. Even if work is only happening in one spot, these pesky particles have a way of getting just about everywhere. The primary concern for most people is the clean-up – but the impact dust can have on your health is far more important.

Breathing in excessive dust aggravates certain conditions, irritates the throat and lungs, and can trigger allergies. Maintaining good air quality must be a top priority. Here are a few ways to do it.

Switch out the filters in your HVAC system – or at least make sure they are clean. Close vents and shut down the HVAC to isolate the work zone from the rest of the house. Temporarily use portable AC or heating units to avoid the spread of harmful dust.

Get as much fresh air as possible while things are happening. Open windows if the weather allows. Don’t spend more time than you need to in the thick of things – especially not without the proper protective face and eyewear. Clear dust regularly – it is worth the effort.

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2: Have a Work-Free Zone Away from Noise and Safety Hazards

Staying off-site while your home is remodeled is not always possible- and not always necessary. There is no need to pack up and ship out during garage conversions, for example. That said, it is vital to have a separate living area where no work is happening.

People often choose a section of the house as the designated living space – even if it will eventually need to be remodeled. If the work is restricted to a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling, it makes sense to live out the way and find an alternative place to cook, eat, wash, etc.

If you can’t temporarily move elsewhere, here are some tips to help choose the best area to turn into your safe space.

Make sure it is not in the path between the work site and outside. You don’t want things being carried through by workers in dirty, dusty gear.

Set up easy access to the things you need – including drinking water, clothes, food supplies, and a toilet. If the nature of the remodel removes certain access, have an alternative solution (ask a neighbor, hire portable toilets or cooking facilities, rent an RV, etc.).

Consider additional safety measures – such as sound protection and anti-dust sheets near the entrances. Also, leave shoes and clothing that have been worn in the work area outside your living zone.

Communicate with your building team to establish times when excessive noise, dust, or hazardous activities will be present. Ask for honesty about when it is ok to be there – and when it would be better for your health and safety to head out for a while.

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3: Stay On Top of Mess and Other Hazards

There is no getting around the fact that remodels make a mess. Working with a high-quality building service can minimize it through professional practices, but it is an unavoidable element of renovations.

It is beneficial to keep a handle on mess during the project- cleaning up what you can, when you can to keep health and safety hazards to a minimum. Whether you do it yourself or hire a construction cleaner- regular property upkeep is the most effective way to stop things from spiraling.

Reputable contractors will do their part, of course, and won’t make unnecessary mess- but a little help goes a long way.

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Here are some ways your input can reduce hazards and keep you safe.

  • Keep walking paths clear of anything that doesn’t need to be there.
  • Sweep and clean the other areas of the house where work is not happening to clear any dust or debris that has escaped.
  • Keep an eye out for loose nails, exposed wires, and other potential dangers, and bring them to your contractor’s attention.
  • Respect worksite rules and keep children, pets, and anyone else that doesn’t need to be there out of the way. If people do need to enter the worksite, make sure they are appropriately dressed with the relevant safety gear.
  • Clean up between visits. Your builders should leave the site in the best possible condition, but it is worth having a look for anything that sticks out to you as the person who knows the property best.
  • Maintain good communication with your building team to ensure the best working relationship and a clear understanding of each other’s expectations and requirements.


Paragon Builders Keep Your Health and Safety at the Forefront of What We Do

Paragon Builders is an elite contractor service that believes making people’s dreams come true requires nothing short of excellence at every turn. From planning designs and drawing plans to exquisite finishing touches, we cut no corners when creating custom homes that improve our client’s quality of life.

Our premium approach prioritizes transparency, communication, quality, and safety – and we work closely with homeowners to find the best way to bring their vision to life and keep everyone happy and healthy during the process.

Working with Paragon Builders is not about cutting corners and saving on costs. It is about excellent craftsmanship, personalized services, detailed project management, and making the property owner’s dreams come true.


Final Thoughts

Home renovations are complex, and keeping yourself safe and healthy during the project is vital. You can do this by maintaining a clean, clear, and hazard-free environment – and working with a reliable team you trust to run a tight ship. Paragon Builders can be that team. Contact our experts today to get the ball rolling on your dream home renovation >>>

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