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Five Ways to Create Better Ambiance with Lighting | Design the Perfect Room Additions

Did you know you can transform a room’s entire personality with just a few lighting tricks? If you’re planning on making any room additions soon, you can’t miss the opportunity to repurpose your lighting.

Once you add any of the following tips to your design and drawing plans for your room addition project, you’ll see a huge difference right away. Let’s get started!


What Are the Benefits of Creating Lighting Ambiance?

Ambient lighting can offer plenty of benefits to custom homes. Besides adding a new look to any space, the right adjustments can also provide health benefits. If you add ambient lights, you can make any space feel warmer and more inviting, which is crucial for living rooms. It can also help you shift the focus to specific areas of your home, including artwork pieces, fireplaces, and TVs.

You can completely change the “mood” of a room by changing the tone and color temperature. Warmer temperatures, for example, can make a bedroom feel “moody” at night.

As for health benefits, the right lighting adjustments will help preserve your eye health. It may not seem like it, but improper lighting can cause severe eye strain, leading to discomfort and other complications.

When planning your next room additions, don’t forget to consider lighting ambiance. Your family and guests will love it!

How You Can Create Amazing Ambiance with Lighting | Essential Room Additions to Consider

The best thing about creating ambiance with lighting is that you can do it for any room. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, a few lighting adjustments will make the space stand out like never before.

If you’re planning any room additions (or even a full house renovation), make sure to follow these five recommendations:

#1 – Consider the Color Temperature

One of the most important things to consider when setting your new lighting additions is color temperature. Depending on how you set them up, you can affect the mood of your space.

Generally speaking, warm colors can lead to cozier and more inviting atmospheres, making them great for kitchens and living rooms.

Cooler colors, on the other hand, provide a sense of modernity and sophistication, which can be a great option for home offices. When planning your room additions, make sure to think about what mood you want to achieve with your space.

Consider the Color Temperature

#2 – Create Focal Points

Ambient lights don’t necessarily have to be general. You can set up smaller light fixtures and create accent lighting. With this kind of lighting, you can subtly point out the most impressive parts of your home, such as bookcases, fireplaces, or artwork pieces.

It may not seem like it at first, but if you set these lighting fixtures strategically, you’re going to draw the eye of everyone toward what you want. This is excellent for those wanting to show off their home with pride!

#3 – Consider Natural Lighting

If you have big windows, they can be an excellent source of ambiance lighting. When planning your room additions, you can’t forget about them! Depending on what you have, you can repurpose your windows to maximize their value throughout the day.

During the day, exposing your windows is perfect since natural light tends to put people in a better mood. Bright lights give off the perception of heat, which tends to trigger emotional responses in people.

At night, however, you can cover the windows and add accent lighting around them if you need some illumination there.

#4 – Dim the Lights

The dimmer the lights are, the more intimate the room will feel. Instead of setting a bright overhead light all the time, you can set up different light sources around and dim them accordingly.

Being able to control the lighting level in a room can make huge changes, especially if you’re looking to feel cozier after a long day of work, for example.

#5 – Install LED Strips

LED strips are perfect for controlling the lighting in a room. Most people planning room additions consider LEDs because of how versatile they are.

The key when installing LED strips is to think about placement. If you want to create a focal point around artwork, for example, LED lights can do that job perfectly.

These lights are also great if you’re looking to change the mood of your room whenever you feel like it. Most of these products come with remotes that you can use to change things up from time to time.

Install LED Strips

Bottom Line

Whether you’re planning garage conversions or any other house project, better lighting will help set the mood and even help preserve your eye health.

If you want to plan your room additions as accurately as possible, consider talking to our professionals. At Paragon Builders, we’re committed to giving you and your family the peace of mind you deserve during your house renovations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for accessories housing units or complete renovations of your home; with our tools, experience, and project-tracking system, you’ll get the full renovation experience you deserve!


Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as “ambient light” or “available light,” it’s lighting that helps you set the mood of a room or showcase a specific area of your home.

Ambiance lighting uses either natural or artificial light that you have at home, such as sunlight, candles, chandeliers, LED lights, and so on.

The beauty of ambiance lighting is that there are dozens of possibilities you can achieve with it. With the right adjustments, you can make a room feel much more different than before.

Yes! LEDs can be used as a handy tool for ambiance lighting. This is because they do a great job of providing general lighting or diffusing illumination of a particular space.

You can set up LEDs to do a wide variety of things, including changing color automatically, dimming the lights, and more.

Yes, ambiance lighting can affect your behavior and/or emotions. If your room is too bright, for example, it could make people feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, if your lights are too dim, it could either cause people to feel too relaxed.

Having dimmed lights all the time isn’t good either, as it could contribute to vitamin D deficiencies and even sadness. The key is to set up a balance in your ambiance lighting to improve your mood and energy levels.

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Five Ways to Create Better Ambiance with Lighting
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