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Elevating Home Living: My Room Additions Project with Paragon Builders

When my family and I decided to expand our living space with a room additions project, we knew that finding the right contractor was crucial. We found Paragon Builders through our search, but we had no idea that this choice would lead to a home makeover beyond our wildest expectations.


From the outset, what set Paragon Builders apart was their unwavering commitment to transparency and communication. They use state-of-the-art project tracking software and an internal mechanism to update clients regularly. Throughout our room additions project, this degree of accountability and detail gave us an unmatched sense of assurance.


Here’s why our room additions project with Paragon Builders was truly extraordinary:

  • Project Transparency: Paragon Builders’ project tracking software was a game-changer. It made it simple for us to keep track of our project’s status, including job-related expenses, milestone payments, and work progress. We never had to rely on speculation or unanticipated events because we always understood where our project stood.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: The quality of work delivered by Paragon Builders was nothing short of exceptional. From the foundation to the finishing touches, their attention to detail and commitment to excellence was evident in every aspect of our new room. The end result was not just a room but a work of art seamlessly integrated into our home.
  • Timely Completion: Despite the complexity of our project, Paragon Builders completed it within the promised timeframe. Their ability to adhere to deadlines demonstrated their professionalism and respect for our time.
  • Budget Management: While Paragon Builders provides a premium product, we were pleasantly surprised that our project remained within our budget constraints. The exceptional value we received was well worth the investment.
  • Design Expertise: Their design team’s creativity and vision transformed our basic concept into a stunning reality. The setting is harmonious and beautiful due to the room’s seamless integration with our existing house.
  • Post-Project Support: Paragon Builders’ commitment to customer satisfaction extended beyond project completion. They were proactive in addressing any minor post-project adjustments promptly and without hesitation.

room additions


In conclusion, working with Paragon Builders on our room additions project was a journey of excellence, openness, and persistent commitment to providing a superior product. If you’re seeking a room addition that transcends the ordinary, we wholeheartedly recommend Paragon Builders.


We had the capacity to easily keep track of the status of our garage additions project, as well as job-related costs, milestone payouts, and work advancement. We always knew where our project stood, so we never had to rely on guesswork or unforeseen circumstances. If you are planning to do any home improvement project bet it full house renovation, kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, they are the company to call.

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Elevating Home Living_ My Room Additions Project with Paragon Builders
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