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How to Create the Perfect Spa-like Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling can be a daunting home improvement if you’re considering a DIY approach. You must have the right tools and skills to execute such a project. However, there are many other things that you can do to your old restroom, transforming it into a place that gives off a spa-like vibe whenever you walk into it.

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Create the Perfect Spa-like Bathroom with These Expert Tips

We all envision ourselves taking a hot bath or steamy shower after a long and tiring day of work. However, relaxing in a messy bathroom with a dull environment is much more challenging than you think.

Luckily, you can create the perfect spa-like bathroom with a few expert tips. From fresh greenery to scented candles, mats, and more, here are a few things that you can do to make the space more Zen.

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1. Declutter

The first thing that you notice when you enter a spa is how organized things are. You won’t find countertops filled with toiletries or branded shampoo bottles. Everything looks clean and tidy, giving off a modern feel.

If you want a spa-like bathroom, you must start decluttering the space. Only keep the things that you use daily on countertops and stash the others away in a drawer or cabinet. This minimalistic look is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creates a conducive environment for relaxation.


2. Add Some Greenery

While a bathroom may be the last place where you expect to place a couple of potted plants, it’s actually a great idea. It can bring an element of nature into the space, making it more sophisticated and modern.

There are many different indoor plants you can consider for your bathroom, but we highly recommend going for minty eucalyptus, as it will last you a long time and keep the environment fresh with its enchanting scent.

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3. Invest in a Chic Shower Curtain

A shower curtain visually takes up a lot of space, making it one of the first things that you notice when entering a bathroom. Changing it to something more chic or modern can be an inexpensive way to transform the entire look of the room.

To create a spa-like bathroom, you can choose minimal and fresh design shower curtains and get rid of the old, boring ones as soon as possible.


4. Opt for Towel Stools

When did you last go to a spa and see towels hanging from hooks or wall-mounted bars? Sophisticated bathhouses have cute little wooden stools near the bathtubs or shower stalls with fresh towels on them. Adopt this trick, and take your bathroom experience to the next level.

Alternatively, you can also choose a wooden ladder over the traditional racks. It is great for introducing an organic texture into the bathroom and elegantly displaying your towels.


5. Replace the Old Bath Mat

Bath mats are one of the last things we ever think about replacing when it comes to bathroom renovations. Those made out of fabric or plastic end up getting moldy, eventually giving off an unpleasant smell.

It’s about time that you replaced the old bath mat with a slatted wooden one. This small change can make a huge difference, elevating the environment instantly. Plus, you won’t have wet socks when using the bathroom after someone takes a shower.


6. Get Scented Candles

Spas are all about stimulating the five senses to help achieve a heightened state of relaxation. To get the same effect at home, consider buying scented candles and strategically placing them across the bathroom. Lavender and eucalyptus are light, soothing aromas that can create a good vibe.

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa-like experience, you could invest in hotel-quality candles. These come in unique and exotic scents that will uplift the environment and leave your guests impressed.

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7. Add Some Art

A bathroom doesn’t have to be a boring place. You can introduce different elements to evoke all of your senses.

Give your eyes something to enjoy with stunning artwork and paintings that revolve around spa-like themes, such as ocean waves, lakeside tranquility, and Mediterranean bliss.

Imagine yourself soaking in a hot bath with a facemask on, and as you stare into the painting, you slowly drift into a state of tranquility.


8. Hang a Shower Caddy

Most people have toiletries lying around their bathtub or shower stall, which can lead to a messy environment. Declutter and organize with a shower caddy. Hang it nearby for quick access to your shampoo and other hygiene products.

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9. Paint the Walls

Painting the walls white is an inexpensive way to create a spa-like bathroom. The color scheme is not only calming but also distraction-free.


10. Replace Boring Plastic Bottles

Instead of keeping all of your toiletries in their original packaging, decant the contents into gorgeous white-colored aesthetic dispensers, the ones that high-end spas use. It looks great and will impress your guests the next time they visit your house.


11. Consider Bathroom Remodeling

Update and remodel the bathroom in your home and turn it into an oasis where you can find inspiration, be creative, or simply relax. While these types of projects can be costly, they are a one-time investment that may also increase the resale value of your house.

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How to Create the Perfect Spa-like Bathroom
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