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How to Begin a Kitchen Remodeling with Appliances

in wall appliances

You’re almost ready to start transforming your kitchen, but then, you remember: “I haven’t dealt with the appliances!”   Starting a remodeling project with appliances is often one of the most exhausting things to deal with. Those with smaller kitchens will have an even harder time figuring out what to do.   At Paragon Builders, […]

How Can I Find My Own Kitchen Remodeling Style?

Remodeling your home brings many benefits to the table. The problem is knowing what you want your new project to look like. We are here to help you with that. If you’ve been Googling “how to find my own kitchen style,” dive into this page to learn how to do it.   When Should I […]

A 9-Step Guide to a Full Kitchen Remodel

The Essence of Kitchen Remodeling

If you notice your appliances are at the end of their lifespan, you should remodel your kitchen. When you start a new home project, you can give your house a fresh look and get new decorations. Dive into this page to learn more with this full kitchen remodeling guide!   1. Go Over a Full […]

Increasing Home Value with Strategic Room Additions

Increasing Home Value with Strategic Room Additions - Paragon Builders

Increasing the value of your home can be a strategic endeavor, particularly when considering room additions. At Paragon Builders, we specialize in enhancing homes through thoughtfully planned and executed room additions.  Our approach begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. Our award-winning architects and designers then create customized plans that […]

How to Remodel Your Bathroom so it’s Trendy and Timeless

While we use the bathroom as much as other rooms, if not more, we often fail to pay attention to its structural and design needs. It’s only befitting to give it a new makeover once in a while. At Paragon Builders, we are premium contractors with over a decade of experience remodeling homes and living […]

How an Open-concept Small Kitchen Remodel Can Enhance Your Home

Open Concept

Today, homeowners are moving away from traditional layouts to make certain parts of their homes more efficient and functional. One area where improvement is particularly sought after is the cooking space, and we’re here to help you understand how an open-concept small kitchen remodel can enhance your home. At Paragon Builders, we have extensive experience […]

How to Remodel Historic Homes | Golden Rules of Restoration

Eight Tips on What to Do When Planning a Room Addition

Victorian-era houses or colonial-style residences are charming and can quickly become a center of attraction in a particular neighborhood if adequately maintained. However, restoring these types of properties can be challenging, often requiring deep pockets and patience. Fortunately, we’re going to show you how to remodel historic homes so that you can transform your house […]

How to Determine Whether to Remodel or Move

A Guide to Sprucing up Your House with a Stunning Porch: Improve Your Custom Homes in 2023!

Nobody likes change, but it’s something everyone has to go through at one point in life. However, there’s probably no one who hates it more than homeowners.    Not knowing whether to remodel or move houses is a tough decision. You can’t be hasty and do things on a whim.   Lucky for you, we’re here to help you figure it out. It’s okay if you still don’t know […]

Six Tips to Achieve a Well-balanced Kitchen After Your Next Remodel

Six Tips to Achieve a Well-balanced Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is more than just a place to have meals. It is the heartbeat of family life and, as such, investing in a well-balanced kitchen is one of the most important reasons for a home renovation. Let Paragon Builders help your bring your dream kitchen to life.   Need a Well-balanced […]