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6 Tips to Achieve a Well-balanced Kitchen

What are some of the best ways to achieve a well-balanced kitchen? We asked our experts and they gave us 6 important tips to share with you for designing the perfect kitchen!


1. Asymmetry Is a Must

This may be a confusing note to start on, considering that the concepts of symmetry and balance are typically associated. It isn’t that there’s a problem with the link between the two. However, people do believe that they can’t work in harmony.

Therefore, you find attempts being made to preserve symmetry that go way overboard. If you want your kitchen to be as visually appealing as possible, then asymmetry and symmetry need to be brought together harmoniously.

The symmetric elements are complemented by asymmetrical cooking appliances and accessory elements, which add vibrancy, depth, and character to the space.

Asymmetry Is a Must


2. Mix the Scaling

If you’re taking the time to have a kitchen renovation done, then it’s not the moment for you to be going for the boring, run-of-the-mill designs. To achieve a well-balanced kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean to have a kitchen where all the decor colors are uniform.

When you go this route, what may end up happening is that the larger decor elements end up being overbearing when compared to the small ones that end up having a chaotic and busy visual.

What’s important here is to understand how to go for both small and large-scale decor pieces to create the necessary balance. Larger furniture pieces, for example, can pull attention away from asymmetrical areas, which is visually advantageous.


3. Don’t Forget the Storage

It goes without saying that storage space is an essential puzzle piece in the kitchen. There’s a lot of magic that’s going to be going on to prepare delectable meals, and it requires appliances, cutlery, and food.

Without adequate storage spaces, you end up with messy kitchen counters, and nobody wants to have to deal with them.

As is the case with other elements of the kitchen though, you’re going to need to manage the storage space and shelving, if the intention is to make everything appealing.

A small shelf space on one side can be mirrored on the other side of the kitchen, increasing their overall storage space and creating a more symmetrical look.

Don’t Forget the Storage


4. Use Well-thought-out Focal Points

As the name implies, focal points are visual elements that will immediately draw attention. Using them expertly is a non-negotiable part in order to achieve a well-balanced kitchen altogether. So, visualize how it may work, imagine walking into a living room and seeing a well-designed and somewhat grandiose fireplace. You’ll probably immediately stare at it.

Similarly, kitchen remodeling efforts should see the understanding and appropriate use of focal points. Examples include a stovetop, window, backsplash, etc. If the design is done well, there shouldn’t be a case where other elements in the room are competing with, or even worse, drowning out the designated focal point.

Be that as it may, if you have a larger kitchen space, there is nothing wrong with having multiple focal points, as you may find it to be even more beneficial to do so.


5. Choose a Theme and Layout

The theme that inspires the look of the kitchen is one of the centerpieces that will determine how the rest of the elements will come together. Alongside the theme is the layout of the space.

A well-balanced kitchen not only has a certain level of visual appeal, but functionally, it works very smoothly. There should be an easy path between the important elements in such a way that prevents any kind of jam.

While there are many layout styles to choose from, some of the more common ones include U-shaped kitchens, one-wall kitchens, and L-shaped kitchens. Size is one of the concerns, but whether the space is large or small, your practical requirements are more important when selecting a theme and layout.


6. Height Is More Important Than You May Think

Ironically, height is one of the overlooked elements in the kitchen equation, which is why some people find that they have backaches when they stand at the sink to wash up or prep food.

Kitchen design needs to consider posture, meaning that the sink, worktops, etc., need to be at an appropriate working height. On average, 850 to 950 mm works, but ideally, this should be tailored to the user.

It’s not only the design that makes the space a well-balanced kitchen, but also how Comfortably it can be used.

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Summary of the Tips to Achieve a Well-balanced Kitchen

There’s a lot that was said above, but it ultimately boils down to maintaining a sense of balance in the kitchen space that allows for comfortable use. Kitchen remodeling is one of the primary areas of expertise offered by Paragon Builders.

If you’re looking for a luxury experience with some of the best that the industry has to offer, then look no further – contact us today!

Summary of a Well-balanced Kitchen


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no hard and fast rule to include herbs as a part of your kitchen space, but it is a great idea to have them. This goes for house plants too. They are excellent at boosting your mood and they also have air-cleaning properties.

Balancing kitchen lighting is certainly possible, but it does require a bit of planning to get it right. When looking at overhead fixtures, many people will have a single off-center one. The easy way to go about addressing this is to substitute it for a prominent one that lies in the center. Another option is to simply have two evenly spaced ones.

Professional services, such as those offered by Paragon Builders bridge the gap between your imagination/desires and reality. It might sound simple to talk about the different elements, but implementing them in a way that creates a functional and well-balanced kitchen is another story entirely.

This is one of the centerpieces of your home, and it needs to be welcoming, calming, and visually pleasing while being able to serve its function well. Having that kind of experience is the reason to work with Paragon Builders.

Functional zones refer to spaces that are set up for certain functions. For example, the choice may be made to space the fridge, hob, and sink. The idea is to create a cooking zone, a food storage zone, and a cleaning zone.

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Six Tips to Achieve a Well-balanced Kitchen

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