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A Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen for the Holiday Season

The kitchen is the heart of the home. All year round, it is a place of warmth, love, and care- even more so during the holiday season. Every kitchen reaches a point where it needs a little TLC, and remodeling your kitchen for the holiday is the ultimate gift to give the whole family. Whether you need a bigger, better space to prepare your festive feast this year or simply want to create a beautiful place to celebrate together, a kitchen remodel is the way to do it. The question is, where to begin? The renovation experts at Paragon Builders have put together this simple guide to kitchen remodeling to get your home holiday-ready. Contact the team directly for personalized advice to get your project underway.


Planning a Kitchen Remodel for the Holidays

It all begins with a good old brainstorm to decide what you want and need from your kitchen remodel for this holiday season:

  • Start by laying out your priorities. What are your must-haves? Do you have a particular item you can’t live without? Think about functionality and what you need from your new kitchen.
  • Think about style and material choices. Look for inspiration or speak with a designer if you are not sure where to start.
  • Know your budget. Kitchens can be pricey, and it is easy to lose track of costs when your mind is running away with ideas. Be realistic about what you can spend and the design choices that fit within that budget.
  • Bring a trusted contractor on board as early as possible. The more involved they are in the process from the get-go, the smoother the project tends to be an important detail if you want things looking great for the holidays!

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Preparing for a Holiday Season Kitchen Remodel

Planning the design is only part of it- you also need to prepare for the logistical side of things. Your contractor can help a lot with the permissions and building precautions, but you also need to think about how the ongoing work will impact your living conditions.

For starters, you probably won’t have use of your kitchen for a while, so you need to think about mealtimes and food prep. Find out how long the project will take and make arrangements.


Other considerations include:

  • Dust contamination: Work out how to protect the rest of your home and keep your loved ones away from any potential health hazards.
  • Pet care: If you have pets, it is probably worth looking into alternative accommodation for them during the project.
  • Noise: Let your neighbors know about the upcoming work to avoid nasty surprises and complaints.
  • Working times: Communicate with your contractor to find out when work will take place, during what hours, and when to expect breaks.


Executing a Kitchen Remodel in Time for the Holiday Season

The last thing you want is for your remodel to run over and not be complete in time for the holidays. It is crucial to give yourself plenty of time- and to work closely with your building team to agree on time frames and discuss how to ensure things run smoothly and time-efficiently.

Working with a reliable team is a big part of this, but there are other things you can do to avoid holdups.

  • Make sure all your zoning and building permits are approved and up to date.
  • Avoid letting mess spill out or get out of hand to the point your neighbors complain and cause problems for progress.
  • Keep pets and children safe and far away from the construction area. This is important for their well-being, but also for the smooth operations of the building team.
  • Double-check all your material and appliance orders to ensure prompt delivery. Waiting around for things to arrive can add unnecessary time to a renovation project.
  • Maintain great communication with your contractor and project manager. The more informed both sides are, the smoother and faster things can run.
  • Keep an eye on the budget. Going over budget is not only detrimental to your bank account- it can also create hold-ups for the project.

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Finishing a Kitchen Remodel for the Holidays

The finishing touches are what make a kitchen into a special part of your home. Once the building work is complete, the finishes can be installed. This includes paintwork, accents, hardware, décor, and furniture.

Have these things ready to go- or at least have a clear shopping list to get your kitchen looking its best before the holiday season kicks off.


Top Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen for the Holiday on a Budget

A complete kitchen remodel might not be suitable for every budget. That doesn’t mean you can do a bit of renovation to spruce things up before the holiday season arrives.

Here are a few simple kitchen remodel ideas you can do without spending all that Santa money.

  • Upgrade your backsplash: A change of tiles can take years off a kitchen. Switching up the color, shape, or style can breathe new life into the space and make it feel brand new.
  • Switch out the hardware: Old handles and faucets can make a kitchen feel grubby and dated. Replacing them with something shiny and modern is like an instant kitchen facelift. Choose something luxurious, such as gold or bronze, for a decadent festive feeling.
  • Repaint or refloor: Walls and floors take a beating in kitchens. A fresh coat of paint or a new floor does wonders for a well-used kitchen.

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Get Your Kitchen Holiday-ready with Paragon Builders

Remodeling your kitchen for the holiday season is a great way to have your home looking and feeling as welcoming and warm as possible- not to mention how much more enjoyable the festivities will be with a beautiful new kitchen to cook and socialize in.

Paragon Builders are expert kitchen remodelers with extensive professional experience bringing visions to life and creating incredible spaces for homeowners. Your kitchen is in great hands, and your holiday season will be extra special once your renovation project is complete.

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