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A Guide to Kitchen Sinks – What Will Work for You?

Picking the right kitchen sink for your home can make doing dishes easier for you for years to come.


What’s the most important thing that you need to keep in mind when picking out a kitchen sink? The answer will depend on when and why you’re picking a kitchen sink. Let’s say that you undertook an entire house renovation project that included an extensive kitchen renovation. 


In the process of designing and drawing plans for these renovations, you didn’t think about your kitchen sinks. 


When you find yourself in that such is where most people end up, your only option is to pick a kitchen sink that fits the mold you already created. That’s why we feel the appropriate first step in this guide to kitchen sinks starts before you go to the store and pick one out. 


When to Start Thinking about a Kitchen Sink

As mentioned, this guide to kitchen sinks needs to start before you’re at the point where you only need to pick a sink that’s the right size. If you’re doing a kitchen renovation, the location of the sink needs to be correlated with where your water will be. Many times, it doesn’t make too much sense to redirect water sources and plumbing systems just to fit specific fixtures in awkward places.


This concept is also relevant when you’re doing a bathroom renovation. Most of the time, you’ll want to set the location of the shower and the toilet where you know you can easily connect them to the drain system.


Really make sense to alter your plumbing system to ensure that the kitchen sink sits right by where you want to put a window?


These are questions that you need to ask yourself; they are not rhetorical or meant to discourage specific designs. The first step in a guide to kitchen sinks should always be where to put the sink and why you want to put it there.

When to Start Thinking about a Kitchen Sink2


Benefits of Contemplating the Sink from The Beginning

We’ve mentioned already that you’ll want to ensure that the sink is near the drain system. There are other tangible benefits to contemplating the sink in the kitchen design. Have you lived in a home where you thought the sink was too small, and this makes washing dishes an even more challenging activity than it needs to be?


Guess what? If you don’t contemplate the size of the sink beforehand, there’s not much that you’ll be able to do regardless of which sink model you ultimately decide to buy. That’s why this guide to kitchen sinks walks you through a bit more than just makes and models.


The Features That a Kitchen Sink Must Have

If you’re at the point where all you can do is pick the sink itself, don’t worry; there are ways that you can get around having a small sink area. When you need more space to put more plates in the sink at once, look into sinks that provide more depth. That’s going to allow you to overcome a sink that’s a bit narrow.


Stainless steel sinks in custom homes may look out of place. You could look into marble or enameled cast iron options. Enameled cast iron sinks are a good idea when you’re looking for durability while keeping a high-end look and feel to the sink that can match the countertops.


Most homes feature accessories for housing units, such as garbage disposal units. Be sure to look for a sink that has a wide enough drain hole; that way, it can be easier to run bits of food through the disposal unit and into the drain.


If you’re going to hide the drain pipes behind a cabinet, which is what many people do anyway, it’s also a good idea to ensure they’re wide enough to avoid blockage issues.

The Features That a Kitchen Sink Must Have


The Relationship Between Durability & Affordability

One of the great things about kitchen sinks is that there are ways to set up a sink that looks the part without it having to cost a fortune. Suppose you’re setting up a small kitchenette in a room addition or after a garage conversion project. In that case, you probably don’t want to add the marble kitchen sink that was referenced earlier. You could go with an enameled steel sink instead.


The only issue that we see with enameled steel sinks or even acrylic sinks and that we want to reference in this guide to kitchen sinks is buying a cheaper sink at the price of the real deal. It’s perfectly fine to choose acrylic over other options, but you need to know what you’re buying so that you’re not sold a lower-quality product at a premium price.


Kitchen sinks can be made from a ton of different materials. Many of these can be cost-effective and durable. If you pick the right manufacturer, you may even get an option that looks like a premium product at a discount price.


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A Guide to Kitchen Sinks - What Will Work for You
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