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A Guide to Adding a Media Room to Your Home – Buying What You Really Need

Adding a media room to a home is one of those ideas that every homeowner has had at least once. 


Sadly, one of the main reasons why most people don’t follow through on that idea is that they can’t decide what they truly need to create a room like this. The first thing that you’d need to do is to design and draw plans for the area of your home that you want to convert into a media room.


The room doesn’t have to be overly big. Maybe your dream media room is grand and magical, and that’s not something that you can turn into a reality in your current situation. Perhaps you can still create something grand in your current situation; you just need to look outside the box. That’s exactly what we want to help you do here in this guide to adding a media room to your home. 


First Step: Pick an Existing Room

A good guide to adding a media room to your home wouldn’t be complete without a couple of tips on how to pick the right room. Picking the right room will ensure that you don’t have to do a full home renovation to add a media room. Ideally, you want to pick a room that’s a bit isolated to begin with.


When the room doesn’t get a lot of the outside noise, you may have won half the battle. In those situations, you won’t have to worry about things like soundproofing the space. Also, you may want to find a room that doesn’t get too much natural light.


If you’re adding a media room to your home, but you’re building a custom home from scratch, you may want to take some of these tips into consideration. That way, you can make sure that the room that’s built to serve as the entertainment capital of the house will be isolated and not get too much natural light.


Could you still pick a room that doesn’t have all of these features? That’s a possibility, of course; the only problem is you’ll have to invest in equipment or adjustments to the structure to make the conditions just right. It’s that or blackout blinds and a more powerful sound system.

media room


Garage Conversions or Room Additions

When you just can’t find the right room in the house, these are two options that you could look into. In fact, with a room addition, you could turn that small room that fits the criteria laid out above into a larger entertainment space. That may allow you to fit a larger screen or wider, more comfortable chairs to sit in.


Can a converted garage serve as the place to add a media room to your home? There are actually a couple of benefits to turning a garage into a media room. Since you’re going to insulate the door, you could potentially soundproof the room in the process.


Some garages don’t get a ton of sunlight to begin with, so that can be a positive element as well. The problem might be that the garage is a bit too small for the media room you want to build. In that case, combining both of these tips can be a great option.


Other Elements the Room Needs to Feature

Apart from being an isolated room, other things can contribute to the entertainment experience that this space is meant to provide. You may have to do a bathroom renovation to make sure that there’s one within the room or near it.


Would you benefit from having a kitchenette in the room? If that’s the case, then maybe a light kitchen renovation project will also be in order. Ironically enough, having a large white wall can be one of the best elements that you can have when adding a media room to your home. That’s going to allow you to use a projector and not have to buy a massive TV.


Buying the Equipment That Will Go into the Room

Any respectable guide to adding a media room to your home would not be complete without talking about the surround sound system. Regardless of the brand of speakers you choose to buy, the power and positioning of these devices will be key. If you really want to blast up the sound, make sure that you get speakers with plenty of capacity.


What you want to do is to be able to play those speakers below maximum capacity most of the time. Even if it sounds like you’re sitting front row at a rock concert, when you’re doing this, make sure you’re not hitting your speakers’ full capacity. If you force the speakers to play at or near maximum capacity, their original sound quality will fade quickly.


Getting a massive 4K TV screen may be the cherry on top of the entire project. It may be easier, though, to buy a high-quality projector that can provide a larger viewing space than your average TV. Many times, these projectors will cost a fraction of what the TVs do. Experience the difference with Paragon Builders – call us now for a free consultation!

Buying the Equipment That Will Go into the Room

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A Guide to Adding a Media Room to Your Home - Buying What You Really Need
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