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A Complete Guide: How to Turn Your Tract House Into a Custom Home

You may not want your residential property to look just like all the others on the block. What can you do to adapt it to your style and personality? This guide will teach you how to turn your tract house into a custom home! Read on and find all the information you need and some tips for the best results.


Why Turn Your Tract House Into a Custom Home


Although affordable and efficient, tract houses can look dull because they lack personality, customization, and the unique touches that make a home perfect for a family.


Many people don’t focus on aesthetics, but you need to feel comfortable in your home and make sure that’s a space you love. Without your own essence and energy, it’ll never feel like a real home.


Fortunately, you just need some creativity, inspiration, and planning to turn your tract house into a custom home and bring it to life.

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Find Inspiration


Before starting this exciting project, you should take some time to understand your needs and envision the ideal home for your family. This doesn’t mean you must become an experienced designer, but you must define what you want to achieve.


Whether you plan to add your personal touch to your property or completely remodel it, it’s important to brainstorm ideas to create a picture of the perfect custom home. Find some tips to make this process easier:


  • Set a realistic budget and be honest about what you can afford
  • Define your style, which can be minimalist, modern, or something completely different
  • Consider your needs when choosing the design and style of your custom home
  • Think about how you use your current residential property and what you’d like to improve


How to Turn Your Tract House Into a Custom Home


Do you think you have the perfect idea to turn a tract house into a custom home? Are you ready to get to work? You have two options: make small changes or do a complete renovation. Below is an overview of the aspects you should consider for each one:


Small Cosmetic Upgrades


You don’t have to demolish your property to turn it into a comfortable and lovely home. If you’re on a tight budget, consider modest upgrades to add personality and customization.


Small changes can make a significant difference in the feel and appearance of this space, so these are some ideas you can implement:


  • Paint: With a fresh coat of paint or a change of paint color, you can completely transform a room or the exterior of your property.
  • Wallpaper: If you think your home needs a touch of texture or fun patterns, wallpaper is a budget-friendly but effective option.
  • Flooring: By replacing old or worn carpets, you can also make a space look completely new. Don’t forget to consider alternatives that can add a pop of color!
  • Built-ins: If there are unused areas in your property, you can install cabinets, built-in shelves, window seats, and other elements that add visual interest and expand storage space.
  • Hardware: Some hardware changes can turn your tract house into a custom home, too. You can swap out doorknobs, light switch covers, or cabinet pulls for unique options, for example.
  • Lighting: Simply changing from warm to cold light or upgrading your lighting fixtures with stylish pieces can also help you create a new style for your home.
  • Trimwork: Do you think your property needs a more finished look? You can install baseboards, molding, window casings, and ornamental pieces to cover imperfections and add curb appeal to your tract house.

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Bigger Changes and Renovations


Besides basic upgrades, you can make big changes or remodel entire spaces to turn a tract house into a custom home. These projects require significant investments, but you can prioritize the most important ones and spread out large renovations over time to maximize your budget.


In both scenarios, the following ideas can help you achieve exceptional results:


  • New flooring: If you want to replace carpets with new materials, there are many flooring options to choose from. Wood is a stylish one, but other alternatives are cheaper. Choose one that suits your style and budget.
  • Custom closets: Do you want to change your rooms’ appearance but add functionality at the same time? Custom-designed closets will help you keep your belongings organized, provide more storage, and make your spaces more attractive.
  • Custom cabinetry: Although relatively expensive, custom cabinetry can give key areas, such as your kitchen and bathroom, a high-end look. If possible, consider unique styles and complement them with luxurious hardware finishes and appliances.
  • New ceilings: To elevate almost any room, just install an attractive ceiling. The options are endless. You can consider exposed beams or coffered designs for a flawless result.
  • Fireplace makeover or installation: Do you want to create new spaces in your tract home or remodel existing ones? A fireplace can add comfort, curb appeal, and fun! You can install or upgrade it to showcase your style.
  • New doors: If your property has standard doors, you can replace them with new options to make spaces look modern or allow more light to enter, which can change your tract house’s appearance.
  • Exterior renovations: If your budget allows, you can make some renovations to exterior spaces to turn your tract house into a custom home. Some ideas include landscaping, porch remodeling, and fencing.

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Final Thoughts: Learning How to Turn Your Tract House Into a Custom Home


Now that you learned how to turn your tract house into a custom home, are you ready to start this project? If you want to achieve the best results, you should hire experienced and reliable contractors.


Professionals know the best practices to remodel your tract house and turn this property into your dream home. Contact Paragon Builders today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you may need a permit or not will depend on the project. More often than not, homeowners who plan to remodel their properties are required to request authorization for demolitions, plumbing or electrical work, and structural modifications.

Costs may vary by project. If you want to estimate how much money you’ll need to turn a tract house into a custom home, consult with experts and evaluate key aspects, such as the materials you’ll use.

Most remodeling contractors offer a warranty for workmanship and material defects. However, it’s important to discuss this with the company you’re working with, as limitations and periods may vary.

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