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A Complete Guide: 5 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Have you ever wondered what the most common kitchen remodel mistakes are and how to avoid them? Good news: you’ll find the answer below! Whether you’re making a few minor upgrades here and there or planning a complete renovation, this project should be handled with the utmost care. At the end of the day, this space is the heart of the home you share with your loved ones.


Your kitchen is where you’ll spend most of your days. As such, it deserves to be remodeled by experts who use only high-quality materials, know the best practices to ensure top-class results, and are committed to creating a functional and comfortable space. However, some issues may arise along the way, especially if you’re trying to make some changes yourself.


Fortunately, you can learn more about common kitchen remodeling mistakes and how to avoid them by checking out this guide!


5 Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


Do you want to ensure your home renovation project stays on track? These are the five common kitchen remodel mistakes you should avoid during this process:


  1. You Fail to Plan


Many people want to renovate their kitchens, so they buy the materials, gather some tools, and get to work. Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake homeowners can make.


Just like any other construction project, renovations require careful and strategic planning. Before investing in new countertops or knocking down walls, you need to define your end goal and vision.


But it’s important to understand that planning doesn’t just involve thinking about a dream space and how it should look like. You need to be realistic and consider key aspects, such as the following:


  • How the kitchen will be used
  • How many people will use this space
  • Your budget
  • Your storage needs
  • The right materials and finishes for your area’s climate
  • Your preferences in terms of style and aesthetics
  • Your lighting needs
  • Local building codes and permits
  • Potential disruptions and unexpected costs

Where to Begin When Remodeling Your Home


  1. You Ignore the Kitchen Triangle Rule


Do you know what the “kitchen work triangle” is? Essentially, it’s a standard that ensures you can easily access your stove, fridge, and sink for greater efficiency.


Many homeowners ignore this recommendation, but that’s another kitchen remodel mistake that should be avoided. Even if it’s beautiful, elegant, and stylish, this space won’t be functional and comfortable if your appliances are too far from each other.


According to the “kitchen triangle” rule, you should ensure you can reach your three main work elements – stove, fridge, and sink – without too much effort. A kitchen island could be an excellent solution for this purpose.

How to Ensure a Good Start for Your Kitchen Remodel


  1. You Purchase “Cheap” Options for Critical Elements


Discounts, promotions, and other deals can help you save when purchasing materials and appliances for your kitchen remodel. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best idea, especially if you’re looking for critical items.


Those appliances and materials you can buy at a discounted price can come with issues, malfunction, or quickly become damaged, which can lead to disruptions, additional expenses, and other problems.


Ideally, you should purchase critical items from trusted vendors. It’s the only way to guarantee you’re receiving a high-quality and durable product. This is crucial if you’re buying essential components, such as plumbing systems and appliances.

Purchasing Furniture Before Taking Measurements


  1. You Don’t Inspect Your Cabinets


Cabinets are important elements in every kitchen, but what if you don’t want to buy new ones but rather reuse those you already have at home? Although recycling is a good idea, you should be careful.


If your cabinets have been damaged beyond repair, and you’re just painting them, it’s a matter of time before they break or collapse, which could ruin your kitchen remodel and waste all your efforts.


Besides checking your cabinets’ integrity, you also need to evaluate whether the current layout is really functional or fits your style. Remember that this space must be easy to use.


Are you sure you aren’t compromising on functionality and aesthetics? Before painting your cabinets, make sure the material can be painted and prep them properly.

Summary of a Well-balanced Kitchen


  1. You Don’t Consider Your Storage Needs


Having enough kitchen storage is essential for any homeowner, but this is something you cannot figure out after remodeling. Actually, it’s an essential factor that must be considered during the planning phase.


Besides the ample surfaces for preparing meals and the spacious areas for storing pots and pans, you need a place to store smaller utensils and appliances.


Are you preparing for a kitchen makeover? List the tools and appliances you use to define how much storage space you need. If possible, integrate additional solutions, such as an under-counter area to place some items and pull-out racks for better organization.

Open the Kitchen!


Final Thoughts: Learning to Avoid Common Kitchen Remodel Mistakes


Failing to plan, design, consider your storage needs, and choose decent items are the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes you should avoid. Otherwise, this important project could turn into a disaster.


Fortunately, a professional kitchen remodeler knows the best practices to avoid mistakes, minimize risks, and achieve excellent results. That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with experts.


Need help with your kitchen remodeling project? At Paragon Builders, we can give you a hand! Our team has extensive experience in home upgrades and renovations. Contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The duration of a kitchen remodel may be different from property to property. It often varies based on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, whether materials are delivered on time, and the area’s environmental conditions. Potential issues may emerge during the process, too, which could cause delays.


A fair expectation for a kitchen remodel project could be between 8 and 12 weeks. However, it’s virtually impossible to calculate an exact timeframe. If you need an accurate estimate, consult with a professional.

Do you want to hire an experienced contractor to avoid common kitchen remodel mistakes and get the best possible results? Before choosing an individual or entity, do the following:


  • Verity their licenses and credentials
  • Check their portfolio
  • Ask for references
  • Discuss your project in detail
  • Ask as many questions about your kitchen remodel as possible
  • Make sure they’re properly insured
  • Request a detailed written estimate
  • Discuss payment terms
  • Define a clear timeline


By doing your research, you can choose a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor and ensure this project runs smoothly.

Although these requirements may vary by location, you’ll likely need to obtain permits for this project, especially if you’re planning to make modifications to the structure or plumbing system or if the process involves electrical work.


Don’t forget to check for specific regulations with local authorities.

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