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8 Ways to Create More Storage in Your Room – Creative DIY Tips!

With the average American home having more than 300,000 items, it can be challenging to stay organized, especially within a limited real estate space. Fortunately, you don’t need an extra shed or have a huge budget to create more storage in your room. By being creative, you can stack and store all of your belongings while ensuring a clutter-free house. 

In this guide, we will go over 8 ways to create storage in your room without spending too much money. Keep reading until the end, as we will also answer a few frequently asked questions to clear any doubts you may have.

Let’s get started!


Top 8 Ways to Create More Storage in Your Room

Whether you’re living in a traditional country house or a modern apartment, there is always a need for more space, as most of us continue to acquire items throughout our lives.

Many people invest in accessory housing units or revisit the design and drawing plans for renovation if they need more storage space.

Not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to move into a large home or consider a full house renovation, which is why we’ve come up with creative solutions to help you stay organized and manage all of your stuff.

Whether it’s custom modern homes or traditional lodges, the following are the top 8ways to create more storage in your bedroom:

1. Go Up

If you want to create more storage in your room but can’t afford an additional custom storage closet, you can start stacking your items. Consider buying or building floor-to-ceiling shelves, and keep all of your favorite decor and books on display.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves can make the space look great and help create more storage in your bedroom. It is an affordable way to stay organized while having easy access to all of your favorite items.

Bonus tip: Place jars and baskets on the shelves to store the small items you don’t want on display.

Using Sustainable Building Materials


2. Consider a Bespoke Built-in Cabinet

You can create more space in your room and also elevate the look by having a bespoke built-in cabinet.

Whether it’s custom homes or traditional houses, there may be underutilized spaces that you can use. Don’t let these spots go to waste, and consider investing in a built-in storage unit.

It’s important to note that building a cabinet can take time and resources. You may want to do it yourself, which is completely fine, but if you don’t have a DIY thumb, it’s best to let the professionals handle the job.

A built-in cabinet is an excellent investment and a fantastic way to create more storage in your room. It can create a stylish space for all of your belongings, making it a long-term solution to your clutter problems.


3. Go Down

While going up can help you utilize the space around the walls, you can also consider going down. There are many creative ways to create more storage in your room, and one of them is investing in containers that you can easily stow away under your bed.

Try looking around your room. Do you see tables and a bed with underutilized spaces under them? If so, now is the time to store your pillows, duvets, and other essential items in a container before hiding them away from view.


4. Put Your Floor on Display

A trick that interior designers use to make a space much larger than it is in custom homes is putting the floor on display. They use modern benches and floating furniture to let you see more of the floor, which creates an illusion of more space.

Technically, showing your floor on display is not a way to create more storage in your room. However, you can consider investing in cheap floating shelves that hang from your ceiling. Store all of your items in boxes, jars, and baskets before placing them on the shelf.


5. Invest in Double-duty Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is the latest trend, and it’s a great way to create more storage in your home without extending it.

A bedside table, for example, can act as a surface for your alarm clock but also become a study table when you need one. You can get a stool instead of a chair, as it can easily fit under the bedside table when not in use.

To reduce visual clutter, you can also scale down on the furniture in your room and opt for pieces that offer fantastic storage space. The best way to understand what we’re talking about is to see how designers design rooms in custom homes.

6. Headboard Storage

Most people look at headboards and think nothing much of it. However, when we look at a headboard, we see underutilized spaces above it. By installing wall-mounted shelves, you can create more storage in your room.


7. Establish Zones

Your bedroom may look small, but if you establish zones for different activities, you’ll easily be able to manage more items in the existing space. It’ll allow you to dedicate spaces for reading, sleeping, and working, which can help remove clutter and unnecessary items.

8. Measure the Depth

You don’t need to consider a bathroom renovation to add more space to your bedroom. The best way to create more storage in your room is to have narrow furniture.

Most nightstands or dressers take up a lot of space. By getting stylish yet slim tables and drawers, you can have more surface area for your growing collection of items!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Walls to Create More Storage in Your Room?

You can hang your most prized possessions on the wall, keeping them on display for anyone who visits your room. Homeowners can also invest in narrow shelves for storing their jewelry or makeup.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Storage Units?

A custom storage unit comes with a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • It is functional and a great way to create more storage in your room.
  • Custom storage can help you place all of your prized possessions on display.
  • With custom storage, you can get rid of all of the clutter and keep the floor space clear.


Is Multi-tasking Furniture an Affordable Way to Add More Storage Space in Your Room?

Multi-tasking furniture is a great way to add more storage space to your room. Instead of getting multiple tables, you can get a multi-purpose bedside table that can act as a workstation.

Do You Need Experienced Contractors for Building Custom Homes or Designing Storage Spaces?

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or extending your bedroom space, you should consider reaching out to experienced professionals at Paragon Builders. They can help you save time and money and avoid all of the hassles of working with inexperienced contractors.


Final Thoughts

You don’t need to consider garage conversions or room additions to create more storage in your house. Investing in a few household products and multi-purpose furniture allows you to use underutilized spaces, store all of your items, and stay organized.

Reach out to Paragon Builders for help with interior designing or building a new home. We have the expertise and skills to make your dream house a reality!

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