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8 Stylish Shelving Ideas for Home Offices for More Storage

The shift towards remote working after the pandemic has made it easy for professionals to have a balanced life. However, it has also led to storage space issues, prompting homeowners to revisit their design and drawing plans or consider some stylish shelving ideas for home offices.

This guide will go over the top eight shelving ideas that will help elevate your home office space. Keep reading until the end, as it will also answer some frequently asked questions to clear any doubts you may have.

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Top Eight Shelving Ideas to Elevate Your Home Office Space

Do you need more storage space for your home office? Are you looking for ways to elevate your workspace? Here are the top eight shelving ideas that you should try:


1. Ladder Office Shelves

If you have high ceilings in your home and are looking for shelving ideas for more storage space, look no further than a ladder shelf setup.

A ladder shelf is a floor-to-ceiling storage solution for home offices that looks stylish and offers adequate space for all your paperwork, files, and other things.

There are many ways to organize the shelves. Stick to a limited color palette, as too many vibrant colors can be distracting. You can invest in bins and boxes for organizing your paperwork and accessories. This will keep the home office nice and tidy.

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2. Corner Floating Shelves

Home offices do not require much space. You can set up a workstation in any of the underutilized corners of your house. Install simple floating shelves for your personal belongings or work-related things.

Corner shelves are great for home offices, as they use spaces that homeowners barely occupy. You can even consider an L-shaped shelf if you require more storage.

Setting up a workstation in a corner with a cute chair, desk lamp, and shelf can create a cozy environment for you to work in. Don’t forget to decorate the place to bring a dash of your personality into the space.

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3. Cube Office Shelves

Some homeowners like to keep their collectibles in their home offices for a bit of motivation or good luck. There are many shelving ideas they can consider, including the cube office shelves.

The cube office shelves are a fantastic storage solution for home offices. It has many different compartments, allowing you to display each of your prized possessions in a separate cube. The various shapes, colors, and textures can help elevate the aesthetics and keep the space clutter-free.

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4. Barnwood Floating Shelves

Not everyone has the budget to pay for garage conversions or accessory housing units to use as home offices. If you don’t have the space or the resources, investing in Barnwood floating shelves is one of the best shelving ideas you can try.

A Barnwood floating shelf can give your home office a rustic feel. You don’t need additional space to install these types of shelves. It fits on the wall right on top of your workstation, ensuring efficient utilization of the house’s layout.


5. Shelves Behind the Desk

If you don’t like to work while facing a wall, the shelves behind the desk might be one of the best shelving ideas you could try. It ensures that the desk remains the center of attention, with all the decor, gadgets, and accessories on shelves in the backdrop.

What’s great about this setup is that you have the perfect background for video call meetings!


6. Turn a Closet into an Office

Ever heard of the term “cloffice?” If you have a spare closet that you’re not using, you can always convert it into a home office.

A cloffice is a great way to have an office without taking up an entire room. Plus, there are many shelving ideas that you can explore with the closet space.

Under the desk shelves or floating shelves can provide enough storage space for paperwork, files, and all kinds of small objects.

You can always mix and match the different shelving units, as you don’t need to worry about the aesthetics in a cloffice. Simply close the door to hide your workstation at the end of the day!


7. Bring a Touch of Nature

Homeowners can invest in room additions with access to nature through the backyard door. However, if you’re limited on resources, you can always consider some of the shelving ideas in this guide to place potted plants and flowers.


8. Keep It Simple

Home offices don’t need to have massive storage spaces. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation or a full house renovation, keeping it simple is a fantastic way to achieve minimalistic aesthetics.

A simple workstation with one or two white floating shelves for your art pieces or decor is enough to designate a space in the house as your home office.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shelves are great for organizing your workspace, but you can also display your most prized possessions or decor on them. It is an efficient way of storing your things while ensuring a productive workplace.


Suppose you want to achieve a minimalist look for your home office. In that case, there are many different shelving options you can consider, including floating shelves, open shelving units, and tall and narrow bookcases.

While shelves are a great way to expand storage space in a home office, they are not the only affordable option. Homeowners can also consider organizing their things in boxes and bins before stashing them away under the workstation.

Some workstations come with drawers and overhead cabinets that may be enough for professionals who work from the comfort of their homes.

You can let professionals like Paragon Builders help create an office space in your home. They can avoid the pitfalls associated with these types of renovation or remodeling projects, ensuring premium-quality work that exceeds the local standards.

At Paragon Builders, we have more than nine decades of collective experience building custom homes and spaces for homeowners, whether it’s a kitchen renovation or home remodeling.

Contact us now to schedule a free consultation on your home office project for a seamless and hassle-free experience!

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