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5 New Styles of Countertops for Your Kitchen

Planning a kitchen renovation? These new styles of countertops are trending in 2024 and can help you achieve impressive results!


Choosing the countertop for your kitchen is an important decision. There are so many options that it’s quite challenging to pick just one, but you have to make the right choice.

Ideally, your kitchen countertop should be as durable as it’s beautiful. Therefore, you should evaluate different alternatives until you find the ideal one.

In 2024, there are new styles of countertops that can give your kitchen a unique and impressive look. However, most offer more than just innovative textures and colors.

Let’s explore the new styles of countertops you can consider for your new kitchen, whether you’re making a kitchen remodeling, full house renovation or even maybe garage conversions to create a second space where you can gather with your family to prepare your favorite meals. Read on!


Matte Concrete

Concrete may not seem like the ideal material for a kitchen countertop, especially if you want this space to be attractive. However, a tonal white patina with a matte surface can make all the difference.

A rough and low-reflective surface can make concrete pieces look less harsh. If you choose a neutral color, it’ll have a shadowy effect that will accentuate the imperfections of this material, making the countertop more interesting and modern.

Matte, modern concrete is the ideal style for industrial kitchens. Plus, it could be the perfect fit for open spaces with plenty of light. If you play around with colors and your appliances, you can even create a Scandinavian area!


Subtly Speckled Terrazzo

These new styles of countertops are also bold and innovative. This idea may sound a little controversial, but there’s a material traditionally used for flooring (such as in bathroom renovation projects) that can work perfectly in your kitchen: terrazzo.

Although you can experiment with different options, a white base will create a glowing effect that will make your kitchen look brighter. Plus, it perfectly complements any other materials you may have in this area, including concrete, metal, and wood.

Another advantage of this material is that it’s highly versatile. You can view terrazzo as a blank canvas and add any finish you love for a completely unique result.

Terrazzo countertops create an inviting atmosphere and can make your kitchen look fresher!


Industrial, Weather-Worn Concrete

Concrete can be used in different ways. However, most homeowners take advantage of its rustic appearance to give spaces a softer and earthy touch.

That’s why this material has become popular in new styles of countertops, especially those used for spaces with industrial themes.

However, it’s important to give special treatment to the surface in these cases. Ideally, you should give it an aged sense. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Marks and imperfections tell a story.

When paired with modern barn-style or dark gray cabinets, these concrete countertops can be ideal for city loft apartments. Wood elements and white walls can create beachy atmospheres that your whole family will love.

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High-Contrast Marble

You may think that marble isn’t one of this year’s new styles of countertops because this material is a classic! Actually, this is the preferred choice among those who are drafting the design and drawing plans for custom homes with a traditional kitchen.

However, thanks to cutting-edge technology, marble countertops are back in fashion. Now, you can apply veining to quartz slabs and play around to create different patterns and lines.

In other words, you’ll have the sophisticated beauty that only natural stones offer without sacrificing your freedom of choice. Nothing will stop you from experimenting with the design and appearance of your kitchen because marble countertops are now versatile, come in different colors, and can be used in many interesting ways.


Polished, Oxidized Concrete

As you can see, concrete is definitely the most used material for new styles of countertops. However, this one has been treated differently.

When this material has a polished and oxidized style, that means the finish is rough and reflective, making countertops stand out among other materials, appliances, and objects,

Polished, oxidized concrete countertops have a particular quality: they can reflect the geological decay that characterizes stones. That’s why you’ll see multi-colored hues that capture movement and offer depth in your kitchen if you choose this option.

However, keep in mind that this material will be the star, so it should be paired with complementary decorative elements to create a harmonious atmosphere.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, building a bathroom, or planning room additions, you should always think about accessories. Accessory housing units really benefit from them because their impact on spaces’ appearance is powerful.

This is what happens in your kitchen. You should evaluate each element as an important factor for its appearance and functionality and, based on that, choose one of the new styles of countertops.

If you need help with your kitchen renovation project, Paragon Builders can give you a hand. Our team has extensive experience and can help you create a majestic space to spend time with your loved ones!

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Frequently Asked Questions

To choose the right style of countertop for your kitchen, you should consider several aspects, such as your design vision and desired aesthetics. It’s also important to evaluate different material options based on your preferences and budget.

If you’re having trouble choosing new styles of countertops for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice.

Yes, it is! Concrete is an excellent material for kitchen countertops because it resists scratching and chipping, lasting for years. Plus, minimum maintenance isn’t required.

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop will depend on several factors. The most important ones are appearance and durability. Marble has traditionally been used for these spaces because it resists heat and is luxurious.

However, other materials that aren’t part of this list of new styles of countertops can also be excellent options, such as quartz and granite.

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