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5 Most Popular House Styles in San Diego

Do you want to explore the most popular housing styles in San Diego? Keep reading to discover what most homes look like in this beautiful city. San Diego is known for its cultural diversity, and that’s something you can see in its houses and buildings. They’re all beautiful and unique, showing the rich history of the city. If you explore the area, you’ll see a vast selection of houses and buildings with different architectural elements and a unique character. However, some are more prevalent than others.

In this regard, these are the 5 most popular housing styles in San Diego:


Post-modern Homes

There’s something that post-modern homes have that other houses and buildings don’t: their uniqueness. While it’s one of the most popular housing styles in San Diego, each property has its own shape and is equipped with original features that you won’t see anywhere else.

No two post-modern homes are the same. Each one boasts an authentic style that makes them unique and different from other properties. That’s why they stand out.

In addition, post-modern houses are really beautiful and appealing to the eye, especially for people who love art. These properties are the perfect blend of different styles, such as Art Deco and Neoclassical. However, they have more distinctive features that go against traditional and classical looks.

Custom homes with post-modern styles are a work of art in themselves, even if you’re only considering this exterior for room additions!


Spanish-Styles Homes

Have you found yourself admiring properties with terracotta roofs, stucco walls, and arches? These are the distinctive elements of most houses inspired by impressive Spanish architecture.

Also, these characterful homes are abundant in the area because one of the most popular housing styles in San Diego is influenced by Spanish culture.

As mentioned, these beautiful and impressive properties have unique elements, such as beautiful arched doorways, red-tiled roofs, and stucco siding. These are the three main characteristics to identify Spanish-style homes. They show the influence that this European country had on America.

Also known as Mission style, the exterior of these houses is slightly similar to the appearance of Mediterranean properties, which are inspired by Italian Renaissance palaces.

However, although you won’t need a full house renovation to transform a Spanish house into a Mediterranean-style home, they’re different.

While Spanish homes have one-of-a-kind organic red and green complementary elements, Mediterranean-style properties are often complemented with earthy red and brown, dark gray, and mid-tone blue and green balconies and fountains.


Ranch Homes

Many people prefer to avoid paraphernalia when choosing the ideal design and drawing plans for their houses, which often results in properties with a single-story profile and plain style.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re boring. Actually, ranch-style houses commonly have devoted patio spaces and an open-concept layout, which makes these properties comfortable and modern.

Since it originated in the United States, it’s no surprise that Ranch is one of the most popular housing styles in San Diego. Actually, it’s widely used by people who are just planning kitchen renovation projects or garage conversions.


Split-Level Homes

Ranch properties have influenced other housing styles in San Diego, giving rise to split-level homes. Both types of houses have simple designs with long, narrow floor plans. However, there are some important differences between them.

Split-level homes offer extra space. Unline ranch-style houses, they have staircases and multiple floors that make them unique.

Families who like ranch-style properties but need additional space can benefit from these homes with staggered floor levels.



The most popular housing styles in San Diego also include townhomes, which are often found in densely populated areas near the city center.

While the term “townhome” applies to any dwelling located in a city, this name is typically used to describe properties that share one or more walls with adjacent houses or buildings.

More often than not, townhomes are multi-story and tall. Additionally, these properties have narrow floor plans that allow people to make the most out of the living space. A bathroom renovation will definitely be easy in these homes!

Also, townhomes typically have their own entrance, a backyard, and a small front lawn. People who like the city’s urban lifestyle usually choose these housing styles.


Final Thoughts

What do you think? What is your favorite option among the different housing styles in San Diego? Whether you choose Spanish properties or Ranch homes with simple designs, you can make the most out of them and create a comfortable space for you and your family.

Plus, you can add a unique touch and a bit of personality to a home of any style with renovations and accessories. Housing units can be as beautiful as you want with the right decoration!

Do you want to renovate your house in San Diego? Paragon Builders’ services may be for you! We have extensive experience in home remodeling projects and can help you build a home with the ideal style for your family. Contact us!



What is the Best Housing Style in San Diego?

It’ll depend on your preferences, needs, and budget. Ranch properties may be for you if you like simple layouts, but they may fall short in terms of space.

If you love art, a post-modern property could be a good option. Spanish-style homes also have attractive architectural attributes that will make them a pleasure to live in.

In other words, each housing style has its own advantages. You should evaluate different options and choose the one that really benefits your family or fits your design vision.


Are Ranch Houses Cheap?

Ranch properties are single-story, so they don’t require support for a second or third floor and call for less materials. However, this doesn’t mean they’re always cheaper than two-story homes.

Some ranch properties need a wider foundation and more roof coverage, so the cost per square foot is higher. Therefore, they can be approximately 10% more expensive.


What Are the Differences Between Spanish and Mediterranean Homes?

Although they’re two of the most popular housing styles in San Diego and have similar features, Spanish and Mediterranean homes aren’t the same thing. Their main difference lies in their exteriors since colors and layouts are unique for each one. Plus, Mediterranean properties tend to be more symmetrical and simple.

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