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5 Hot Bathroom Trends You Should Know Before Your Upcoming Remodel Project

Want a functional and beautiful space where you can comfortably prepare to get through the day? Explore these five hot bathroom trends for inspiration!


While it’s challenging to add beauty to these spaces when doing a Full Home Remodeling, bathrooms are heavily used every day. Therefore, they should always look and feel good. However, functionality should remain the primary concern.

How can you make this small room look nice and be fully functional? When drafting this space’s design and drawing plans for your bathroom remodel, it can be difficult to devise an idea. Also, if you flip through any home improvement store’s catalog, you’ll find so many vanities and tile options that it can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Paragon Builders is here to help! We’ve compiled 5 hot bathroom trends that every homeowner should know before their upcoming remodeling project. Read on!


#1 Transitional Style: Combining Modernity and Traditionalism

A few years ago, people were going crazy for vintage designs and decor. Soon after, minimalism and modern elements became the stars of wow-worthy before-and-after makeovers. However, things have changed a bit. What if you can combine both?

Well, here’s the good news: it’s already a hot bathroom trend!

The transitional style is a perfect and well-balanced blend of modern and traditional bathroom elements. That means you can keep minimalism on your neutral-colored walls and install contemporary glass doors in your shower but add an elegant pedestal sink and a beautiful porcelain clawfoot tub at the same time.

By combining modern and vintage elements, you can create an ageless design that is pleasing to the eye. That’s why many people are opting for bathrooms with transitional styles for their custom homes.

Bathroom Renovation Tub Cozy Library Loft Paragon Builders


#2 A Spa-like Retreat: Creating the Ultimate Wellness Spaces

It may be hard to see this if you haven’t started your bathroom renovation project, but this small room has an untapped potential to become a wellness space where you can unwind and get a little boost in the mornings.

In recent years, designers have taken advantage of that particular quality, turning bathrooms into lounge spaces where you can do more than just wash up.

This hot bathroom trend involves transforming the bathroom into the ultimate retreat, so this small area should feel spa-like. You can add candles in key places, the fluffiest towels you can find, or some tables to hold your phone and a bottle of wine around a freestanding tub.

Do Conduct Preliminary Research


#3 The Bigger, the Better

Are you tired of feeling cramped when taking a shower or brushing your teeth? Your bathroom doesn’t have to be small! This is common, but it isn’t a rule. You can expand this space to 100 square feet or more to make it more comfortable.

The best part? You don’t have to perform a full house renovation if you don’t want to. Some sacrifice space from their bedrooms to make their bathrooms bigger, but the truth is that you can draw from smaller areas, such as hallways, to achieve this.

Expanding the size of this space is one of the hottest bathroom trends you won’t want to miss. It can also help you create a spacious, relaxing, and spa-like atmosphere.


#4 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Can You Create a Dream Bathroom?

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation project, there’s something you shouldn’t forget: mirror upgrades! These elements always let you know if there’s something stuck in your teeth or your makeup is sweating off your face, but they also deliver on aesthetics.

Actually, the right mirror can provide a sense of spaciousness, become a piece of art that gives color to this small room, elevate the walls, or enhance the natural light to create a bright atmosphere.

In addition, mirrors are cost-effective and present homeowners with an opportunity to make their spaces feel fresher without the need to invest too much time or money in remodels. That’s why they’re part of the most popular bathroom trends this year.

However, it’s important to choose the right mirror, making sure you can pair it with other accessories and complementary elements. If possible, look for one made of tempered glass that can withstand changes in temperatures and last for years!


#5 Going Green: Create an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Bathroom

People aren’t obsessed with recycling just because it’s a trend. There’s a reason why many are equipping their homes with eco-friendly appliances and accessories. Especially if you plan to build a bathroom in a Accessory Dwelling Units that are pretty sustainable as it is.

When you prioritize sustainability, you can reduce your environmental impact. It’s the most important benefit. However, this hot bathroom trend offers many other advantages. You can increase your property’s energy efficiency to lower bills, raise your home’s resale value, and even improve air quality to protect the health of your loved ones.

Plus, creating an eco-friendly and sustainable bathroom is easier than you think. You won’t even have to consider room additions. With the following changes, you can renew the existing one:

  • Change existing light bulbs for LED lights
  • Opt for eco-friendly dual-flush toilets
  • Replace your bathtub with a shower
  • Choose water-wise fixtures
  • Use light dimmers to conserve energy

Eco-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Bathroom Remodeling


Final Thoughts

By 2020, when people used to spend more time at home, kitchen renovation projects were on the rise. Everyone wanted to remodel this space! However, homeowners are focusing on another area this year: the bathroom.

Do you think you’re missing out on the hot bathroom trends of 2024? If you want to make this small room the perfect space to unwind and get inspired, we’ll be your best allies. Contact Paragon Builders today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Costs may vary from project to project. If you only need to replace certain elements or add new ones, you may be able to save a lot. However, full renovations are usually more expensive because they require more materials and tools, are more complex, and take more time.

Technically, garage conversions are ideal to convert this space into a living area with a bathroom. However, you’ll need to insulate the walls and add plumbing lines.

If you want to know if converting your garage to build a new bathroom, expanding yours, or creating a living space with one is worth the investment, contact a professional.

After learning more about the hot bathroom trends you’ll see in 2024, you may be wondering how you can choose the right style for yours. While this decision is up to you, these tips can help you explore your taste:

  • Look for ideas for inspiration
  • Focus on the styles of your wardrobe, garden, and other spaces to get inspired by yourself
  • Always consider space and how lines, textures, and fixtures can impact the appearance of size and height
  • Evaluate different tile options, paying attention to textures and colors and how you feel about each one
  • Think about the decor elements you can use
  • Focus on fixtures and choose complementary styles
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