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Expert Tips on Planning Home Additions

Families have a habit of outgrowing their homes- but what can you do if you don’t want to pack up and relocate? Instead of moving, why not adapt your home to fit your family? These expert tips on planning home additions provide helpful insight into how to prepare for a space-enhancing upgrade for your property.

Whether you want to adjust the layout inside your home to expand a certain room or you want to increase your home’s footprint, Paragon Builders is here to help. You can contact our team for personalized advice regarding your project- or use the following tips to help you get the ball rolling.


Home Additions VS Room Additions: What One Is Right for You?

Before you start planning your project like a pro, you should think about what solution is the best fit for your family, property, and budget.

A home addition adds extra square footage onto your property by building out the way. Room additions increase the area of certain rooms by moving walls and changing layouts.

Both options offer creative and clever ways to enhance your living space and increase the convenience and quality of living within your home- but they do it in different ways.

  • Home additions are best for those who can’t sacrifice any of their current space but need an additional zone to work with.
  • Room additions are great for those who either can’t or don’t want to add to their property but feel they can optimize space more efficiently by adapting the current layout and square footage of a particular room.

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Five Expert Tips on Planning a Home Addition

Whatever option you choose, much of the planning process remains the same. There are a few extra considerations if you decide to extend your home, but we will cover that below with these handy home addition tips from the experts.


1: Check the Zoning and Permit Regulations Before You Start Planning

It is easy to get carried away with ideas and inspiration when you start thinking about home addition, but it is important to find out the rules. Most residential locations have limitations on what you can do – and the zoning department can tell you where the utility lines are and other must-know zoning details.

You should also find out what permits you need to move forward with your project. A contractor can help you with these kinds of things, but it is worth looking into yourself just to get the information.


2: Think About Your Priorities and Needs

Deciding to build an addition is a big move, but it is worth it if it will genuinely benefit you and your family. That said, you need to think about the best use of space and resources. Think about what you want to achieve and base your design and blueprint plans on that.

If you want an extra bathroom, take plumbing into account. People who need a bigger kitchen should consider where and how to place appliances and fittings for optimal efficiency and convenience. These are just some examples. To sum up, don’t just dive in. Spend some time picturing how your addition could be beneficial.


3: Keep Budget at the Forefront of Your Planning Process

It may not be what you want to think about when planning your dream home addition, but cost is a crucial factor in any project. Going over budget puts a lot of strain on homeowners and can lead to delays and unfinished sections.

The last thing you want is to face tough choices near the end of the project, so think about your budget every step of the way. Before any work begins, set clear budgets for each part and get quotes for everything. Keep note of spending as you go and keep costs in check.

Effective budgeting is the key to successful home extensions, and working closely with a contractor who understands your goals and restrictions can help you stay on track.

How to Prepare Your Home Remodeling Budget the Right Way


4: Work Out the Logistics Beforehand

Many homeowners are taken by surprise by the challenges they face when construction work is ongoing on their property. The extent of the disruption to your home life will depend on the scope and location of the addition, but there are likely to be at least some things you need to prepare for.

Some of the logistical considerations to think about when planning a home addition include:

  • What facilities will and won’t be available (access to your kitchen and bathroom, for example)
  • Finding alternative accommodation for pets during the construction work
  • Knowing when builders will be working and when you will have the house to yourselves
  • Planning mess control inside and outside your property
  • Notifying neighbors of noise disturbance and contractor vehicles parking in the area
  • Considering if it is worth staying somewhere else for part of the project
  • Timing deliveries to avoid holdups and delays
  • Packing and protecting personal belongings that are at risk of getting damaged, dusty, or in the way of the building crew
  • The rough timeframe from start to finish
  • Managing dust contamination for the rest of the house (your builders should help with this at the time, but it is still worth thinking about)


5: Think About How to Make the New Addition Flow Well with the Rest of Your Home

When you build a home addition or extend certain rooms, it has a knock-on effect. It might work sometimes to add the space, kit it out, and do very little else- but a little extra thought is often required to make it feel like part of the property.

Consider how the new space will work with the rest of your house and what other changes you can make to improve the flow. It might mean a fresh lick of paint or a little rearranging. Working these changes into your budget is a good idea if you want flawless finishes that feel like a cohesive home.


Final Thoughts

Planning and preparation are every bit as important as paint and plaster in any home renovation – especially when additional construction is involved. Our team provides advice and assistance from day one – helping you through the planning process and ensuring high-quality, beautiful workmanship you will be proud to share with friends and family.
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Expert Tips on Planning Home Additions
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