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4 Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Planning

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, planning is essential! From the ideal styles and accessories to the right flooring, there are many decisions to make if you’re upgrading your house’s smallest rooms. Are you looking for ways to simplify this process? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some tips to help you!

How do you start your day? After you wake up, you probably use the toilet, wash your hands, brush your teeth, and take a shower. Your bedtime routine is similar, right? This means that bathrooms are important areas in your house.

At Paragon Builders, we understand that your bathroom should be a comfortable, relaxing, and functional place. Therefore, we’ve gathered some tips to help you plan the remodeling of this essential space. Find them below!


#1 Assess Your Needs and Understand the Purpose Behind the Remodel

The first step in bathroom remodeling planning is to define your needs and clarify your vision to understand the purpose behind this project.

Why are you remodeling this space? Which bathroom do you want to upgrade? Are you planning a complete renovation or minor updates? If you answer these critical questions, you’ll have a clearer idea of ​​what you need.

Assessing and defining your needs is essential in order to create a design and blue prints plans that would suit you. Your project timeline should be as detailed as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be able to accurately estimate costs, mitigate potential risks, or complete the remodel on time.

When you plan ahead, you can also make the best choices for your home. During this process, try to find inspiration and evaluate your ideas. After that, use this information to list the materials you’ll need and set a budget.

In other words, planning is a crucial step to make sure you have what you need to remodel your bathroom and can afford this project.

If you work with a trusted contractor, creating a detailed plan will mean that you’ll be prepared to mitigate risks and address any problems that may arise during the bathroom remodeling process, which can help you minimize downtime, delays, and costs.

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#2 Try to Be Detail-Oriented

When planning a bathroom remodel, you can be as creative as you want. This project can be complex, of course, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be boring. Actually, you can have a lot of fun!

The planning phase is often tedious, but it’s the best time to customize your design to fit your style. If you need ideas, you can look for inspiration on the internet. The possibilities are endless!

However, as experts, we recommend being as detail-oriented as possible, focusing on your bathroom’s essential features, such as the following:

  • Toilet: Have you already defined your preferences and requirements? Use that information to choose the proper toilet with the right size, style, shape, and flushing technology. This important element must fit your needs.
  • Flooring: Your bathroom should be a safe place, and this has a lot to do with flooring. You’ll use this space several times each day, so you should choose a durable and functional material. Ceramic or porcelain tile is the most popular option, especially when combined with natural stone. However, you should make sure it has a non-slip surface to avoid accidents.
  • Walls: Although you’re free to play around with styles to add your personal touch to this space, remember that you should always consider other aspects, such as durability, as some materials may be vulnerable to water damage. Choose a durable option for excellent and long-lasting results. Tile, vinyl wallpaper, and semi-gloss interior paint are some of the most common alternatives.
  • Shower: Since this is your bathroom’s focal point, you should make the right decision regarding the elements you’ll add. Glass doors are becoming more popular because they create open, luxurious, and bright spaces. However, you can choose another option based on your needs and preferences.
  • Lighting: Your bathroom should be an illuminated space, but that doesn’t mean you have to install hundreds of light bulbs. Actually, you should choose lighting solutions that create a comfortable but energy-efficient area. LED lights are perfect for this purpose. You can save a lot on your monthly bill if you use them.
  • Vanities: These features have a great influence on your bathroom’s appearance. Therefore, you should evaluate several options to make the right choices. From classic to rustic, there are many alternatives! Pick the one that best suits your preferences. Some solutions can add storage space, so be smart!


#3 Consider Conversions If You Want to Save Time and Money

Conversions aren’t just for garages and attics. You can transform an existing element in your bathroom into something else for added functionality and comfort.

Do you want your bathroom to be more spacious? Consider converting your tub into a shower. It’s one of the best ideas if you think this area is too small for your growing family.

The best part? If you convert your existing tub into a shower, the necessary plumbing will be already installed. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and money!

Remember that this is something you should consider as part of your bathroom remodeling planning. Include this conversion in your project outline to set a timeline and budget. Doing this can also help you know if you can allocate resources to other important areas that may require a larger investment.


#4 Contact Professionals to Make Sure Your Project Plan is Feasible

Do you want to remodel your bathroom and already have a plan? Although you may think you’re skilled enough to handle this project yourself, asking for expert help is always a good idea.

At Paragon Builders, we have extensive experience in bathroom remodeling planning, so we can evaluate your idea to determine if it’s feasible and give you feedback or recommendations on the best options to upgrade this space.

Our seasoned team understands that bathrooms are complex areas that must be renovated with the utmost care. We’ll always go the extra mile to make sure a project is completed to the highest quality standard.

Whether you have questions about the materials you can use for your bathroom remodel, want to know if your vision can be turned into reality, or just need reliable experts to handle this important project, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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Struggling with Your Bathroom Remodeling Planning? Contact Paragon Builders Today!

Planning a bathroom remodel isn’t easy, but the tips we shared above can streamline this process and help you get the best results.

If you want to ensure your project plan is feasible or need advice to make the best decisions when remodeling this essential space, you can Contact Us through our Website.

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4 Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Planning
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