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4 Kid-friendly Remodeling Projects ideas

Create the ultimate playroom your kids will love with these kid-friendly remodeling ideas from Paragon Builders. Incorporating kid-friendly renovation ideas in custom homes is something a lot of people struggle with. How do you balance the need for safety and creating a fun and exciting play area for your kids?

As it turns out, it’s not only the kitchen renovation that can give you a headache when planning your full-house renovation. However, at Paragon Builders we have the ultimate solution. Read on to find out how you can give your kids the dream playroom they have always wanted.


What Constitutes a Kid-Friendly Environment?

In general, child-friendly remodeling means designing or renovating your home to make it as safe and convenient for your kids as possible. It touches on a wide range of design elements, such as color choices, types of furniture, and the choice of material for the floors and walls.


4 Kid-friendly Remodeling Essentials for the Perfect Kids’ Room

If you are planning one or more room additions on your next big renovation project, this would be a great opportunity for you to make your home more kid-friendly. Consider the following remodeling essentials that you can use:


1. Custom-made Bathroom Design

The truth is most bathrooms are designed for use by adults unless they are directly attached to the kids’ bedrooms. As such, young children often have to struggle to use the bathroom because they are simply too small to reach the facilities.

As such, kid-friendly bathroom remodeling should include specialized features that will make life a lot easier for your little ones. This can include things such as low-level racks and hooks that your kids can easily reach and hideaway step stools for when they need a few extra inches.


2. Play Areas

You cannot conduct a renovation project for your kids without considering their play areas. This means you need to include specialized areas around the house where your kids can play comfortably without having to worry about messing up the house.

If your kids have a ton of toys they love to play with, you will need to have adequate storage spaces for all their various play accessories. Accessory dwelling units that are custom-designed for families with many kids generally come with dedicated entertainment areas where your kids can spend their days playing. You can also consider a few specialized features, such as using magnetic paint in your kids’ playrooms.


3. Kid-friendly Floors

Everyone wants to include beautiful flooring as part of their remodeling projects, especially when it comes to bathroom renovation. However, since some of these floors are not necessarily kid-friendly, remodeling can become a bit complicated.

You will need to ask expert contractors for some recommendations of flooring that is attractive yet safe for your children to play on. Using carpeting is generally not a good idea in such cases. As such, consider dark colored floor tiles, with a few rugs scattered about for kids who are still crawling.


3. Kids Bedroom Essentials

Unless you have space in your home for a dedicated kids’ play area, the bedroom will likely be the place where your children spend the majority of their time. As such, you need to find ways to balance the need for a comfortable sleeping area and create a stimulating environment conducive to play.

Consider adding smaller versions of bedroom furniture that will be easier for your kids to access. A lot of storage will also be required to prevent the bedroom from being overrun with toys. In that regard, many types of kids’ beds come with a lot of additional storage in the base.


Other Elements to Consider

Besides these four essentials, there are other elements that you may also consider as you work on your ultimate child-safe remodeling project, such as:

  • Decorative pillows, duvets, and curtains
  • Soft and comfy shag rugs for the floor
  • Kid-sized seating areas
  • Craft tables for the play areas


Designing a Kids Room? Paragon Builders Can Help

If you are working on some kid-friendly remodeling ideas, you will need a reliable contractor who can empathize with your vision of the ultimate play areas. Paragon Builders is not only a master of garage conversions and full house renovations, but also the perfect partner for building your dream home.

By assisting in the overall play area design and drawing plans for the kids’ room renovation, Paragon Builders can help you turn your dreams into a reality.


Final Thought

Unlike other types of room additions you can conduct during your renovation project, kid-safe remodeling requires a delicate touch that not all contractors can manage. Call Paragon Builders today, and take the first step to your kids’ ultimate dream playroom.



How Big Does a Child’s Room Need to Be?

The number of kids that you have living in your home plays a huge role in determining the required size of the play area. Generally, a child’s room can be around 100 square feet. This type of room will comfortably accommodate a twin or single bed while leaving enough room for your child to play.


How Should a Kids Room Look?

An important part of child-safe renovation is making sure the appearance of the room stimulates your kids’ imaginations and provides them with a fun place to spend their time. However, try to keep things simple by not adding too much furniture and accessories while providing enough storage and open play areas for the kids.


What Type of Furniture Should Be Used in Children’s Room?

Small versions of what you would find in an ordinary bedroom are a great place to start. Thereafter, you can focus on combining each furniture item with some kind of storage facility, such as pouches on the backs of chairs and beds that have drawers underneath.


How Do I Make My Child’s Bedroom Feel Safe?

You can make your child’s room a lot safer by choosing child-friendly furniture, paint, and flooring. Also, provide some cozy rugs, floor beds, and blankets where your kids can curl up safely for a quick nap.

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