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Top 3 Tips: Picking the Best Home Interior Color

Choosing the best decorations for your house is difficult if you don’t know what style to go for. This is not a decision you can make lightly since living in a place you don’t visually like will have negative consequences on your mood. 

We want to keep you from making mistakes when choosing your home interior color. Dive into this page to learn three valuable tips for doing it! You can also visit our website to start any house projects you want and create beautiful design and blueprint plans.


Think About the Mood You Want to Create 

The first thing you need to do before picking the colors for your house’s color palette is choose the mood you want to create in each room. Home interior color can have a significant impact on the mood of a place and the people there. Let’s see some examples:

Warm colors such as orange and red are often related to a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Hence, people often use them for living and dining rooms. Cool colors such as blue and green offer a more calming and relaxing vibe, so people use them for bedrooms. This is something you need to consider when starting house projects, such as a full house renovation

Think about the general mood you want to recreate in your house and the vibe you want each room to give. That doesn’t mean you are going to have a rainbow on your house walls, as you should still show consistency in each room. Make a color palette with all the colors you will use for the place. Even people with custom homes need to do this. 

What most people do is choose a specific aesthetic and try the colors that represent that design movement. If you, for example, are looking for a zen-like style, you will most likely use a neutral and calming home interior color for the house. Others prefer a monochromatic approach and use the same color for everything.   

Adopt a Neutral Pallete


Take Lighting into Account

Even if you already have some colors in mind for your home’s color palette, you still need to consider the lighting in your house before making a final decision. The lighting in a room significantly affects how a color looks, and it’s all about the color’s theory. 

Natural light often makes color look brighter and more vibrant, even if you use dark colors, they won’t look that dark in a place that only uses that type of lighting. Artificial light makes colors duller, which is the opposite of what we just told you. Lighting is different depending on where you are, so the lights in your main property won’t work the same on accessories housing units

Even if you know how you want your house to look, choosing a home interior color that doesn’t match the lighting of the place will make all your efforts go to waste. It won’t look as you imagined, whether you are doing a kitchen renovation or the design and drawing plans for a whole new property. 

This also happens when you pick colors that you think are going to look good together, but that in practice just ruin what they would have conveyed individually. If you want to avoid problems with your home interior color, hire a professional interior designer to tell you if the colors you want for the place match the lighting you already have there. 

Professionals can also help you if you want to choose the design for any room additions or start a different project, such as a bathroom renovation or garage conversions.  

How to Match Your Ceiling Color in Every Room of the House


Use Color Swatches 

The quality of the paint you buy is also essential to determine how your house will look after you paint it. Actually, even if you use high-quality products, you still need to make sure they match your home’s walls and decorations. 

Fortunately, you have a way of checking if something will work in your house before spending any money on it. Most paint stores offer clients color swatches, so they can use them on their walls and see how the colors they want will look on them. 

Using color swatches ensures you make an informed decision you won’t regret in the future. We don’t recommend buying paint from businesses that don’t offer color swatches, as it would mean making a blind purchase without knowing if the paint will look like the home interior color you have in mind. 

You can also use color swatches to compare different shades. They are often made of fabric or paper and look like cards or books. People often offer digital color swatches for programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. 

Adopt a Neutral Pallete


Final Thoughts 

We know it can be stressful to make a mistake while choosing the right color for your home interior. However, you will be alright as long as you know the mood you want for the place, keep lighting in mind, and use color swatches before buying paint. However, you can contact Paragon Builders to help you with this or start a new house project.

Thanks to its project-tracking software, you can rest assured there will be no stone left unturned. 



What’s the Most Common Home Interior Color? 

White is the most common home interior color. The reason for that is that white walls create a bright and clean look for both residential and commercial properties. Besides that, it’s easy to match it with other colors, so it’s a good base to work on. That means you can easily pick furniture, accessories, and artwork to decorate it. 

However, it’s also common to see interior designers using shades of gray, beige, and blue when looking for the right home interior color for a project. Similar to white, those are neutral colors, which makes it easier for everyone to work with them. 


Should I Get Professional Help to Make My Interior Color Design and Blueprint Plans?

The truth is that it depends on your level of experience with home interior color and blueprint planning. If you have already done it in the past and have gotten decent results, you could try to do it yourself. First-timers should always ask a professional to help them. 

Interior designers and architects can help you ensure that you use the right colors for each room and that your blueprint plans are actually functional and visually appealing. Apart from that, professionals can also help you stay on budget and optimize the space you have at home. 


What Are the Latest Interior Design Trends? 

Although there are style options that will always help you, we understand if you want to keep up with fashion and adapt to the latest interior design trends. People are now using many natural materials, such as wood and stone in their homes, and that includes using neutral colors for the place. 

Earthy colors are also popular nowadays. Textured walls are almost always a hit due to the unique vibe they give to each place too.  


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