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3 Reasons to Remodel Before the Holidays | Elevate Your Home!

While family gatherings can be fun during Christmas and Easter, they can also highlight the limitations of your home design. Narrow corridors, an inefficient kitchen layout, and an out-of-commission patio can lead to problems and are enough reasons to remodel before the holidays.


This article will explore why you should consider remodeling your home before the holidays. Keep reading until the end, as we will also answer some frequently asked questions on this topic. Let’s get started!


Why You Should Consider Remodeling Before the Holidays


Remodeling may involve tearing down walls and extending spaces. Depending on your home improvement project, it can lead to a lot of disturbance, which is why it’s essential to get it done before the holidays begin.


Whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, here are three important reasons to remodel before the holidays:


Reason 1: To Seat Everyone Comfortably


The best thing about festive lunches and dinners is the socializing aspect. It’s a time when your loved ones gather in one place, reminisce over the past, and make new memories. However, due to the number of people invited, it can be difficult to find a chair to sit on during such gatherings.


If there’s not enough room to seat guests in one room, people may start to wander around the house in search of a place to sit. This can eliminate the purpose of family gatherings and expose other parts of your home.


Imagine having a guest walk around your house and see the mess in your TV room because you couldn’t clean it up due to all of the preparations. This can be incredibly embarrassing for the homeowner.


If you are already planning to remodel your home, you may want to do it before the holiday season begins. By ensuring enough comfortable seating, your next family dinner is sure to be a hit.


Reason 2: To Expand Bathroom Space


During the holidays, comfortable seating and enough bathrooms are two of the most important things homeowners must consider before their guests arrive.


You don’t want your extended family waiting in line to use the toilet. This can leave a bad impression, and they may have to think twice before coming to your home next year.


It’s essential to remodel your bathroom and expand its space, especially if your guest toilet is small. You can also consider installing new plumbing fixtures and adding another bathroom to your home. This will not only ensure happy guests but also increase your house’s value.


If you need help with remodeling, it’s best to consult with an experienced contractor. They can create a bathroom with an efficient layout, ensuring maximum space utilization.


With an expanded toilet space, your guests won’t have to wait for their turn if they wish to use the bathroom. This can ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.


Reason 3: To Maximize Sleeping Space


When you invite people to your home for a family gathering during the holidays, some of them may be driving hundreds of miles just to meet you.


In such situations, it’s important to show kindness and offer them a place to stay instead of sending them on their way late at night.


If you’re running short on sleeping space, it’s a great reason to remodel before the holiday. Work with an experienced contractor and consider changing the current layout of your home.


You can even add a room to your house or extend the available living space by building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). A knowledgeable contractor can guide you through the state laws and building codes to ensure compliance and avoid legal trouble.


While you can consider adding a room or two during the remodel, it’s not really necessary. Homeowners on a budget can work with a skilled contractor to maximize the living space available and invest in mattresses and bedding to comfortably accommodate all of the guests.

Creating a Tranquil Environment


Final Thoughts on the Reasons to Remodel Before the Holidays


While there are many reasons to remodel before the holidays, it’s crucial for homeowners to consider their needs. If you require more living space, you shouldn’t wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to start remodeling your home. Home improvement companies are often busy during that time, which is why you should always get a head start.


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Frequently Asked Questions

While this article goes over the three reasons to remodel before the holiday season, it’s better to start early to avoid any problems.


Contractors are often busy during this time of the year and some even charge double for minor home improvement. This can put a dent in the project’s timeline and also your budget.

Make sure to contact an experienced professional months in advance to discuss the remodel. This will give you enough time to think about what you want from the home improvement, your budget, and the latest trends.


Remodeling near the holiday season could even leave your house inoperable until next year. Don’t take the risk; contact a skilled contractor right now to discuss your project.

Homeowners must consider a couple of things before hiring a contractor, and these include the following:


  • Experience: An experienced contractor can help avoid all of the pitfalls associated with a remodeling project, ensuring a smooth and pleasant home improvement experience.
  • Commitment: Some contractors may have a lot of projects on their hands, which can throw a spanner in your project’s timeline. Make sure to hire a professional who can dedicate time to your remodel.
  • Friendliness:Since the contractor and their team will be on your property for a couple of days, you should always choose a professional who is friendly, approachable, and kind.
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