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How to Maximize the View of Your Yard | Easy Solutions for Custom Homes 

Do you want to know how to maximize the view of your yard on a budget? Discover the ways you can create a lawn that wows everyone.  Ever glanced out into your yard and felt like there’s untapped potential waiting to be discovered? You’re not alone.  Your yard is more than just a patch of […]

Your Guide to a Perfectly Designed Bathroom | Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy!

How does a new bathroom for your home sound? Bathroom remodeling is easy if you know who to trust with the renovation project.  If you ask any Realtor what most American homeowners consider to be important when buying a new house, one of the most common answers will probably be the number of bathrooms available.  […]

Your Guide to Creating the Ultimate Home Office for Custom Homes in 2023

Having a home office is quickly becoming a must-have for custom homes in 2023. Find out how you can create the perfect office for your home.  The great thing about custom homes is that there is no limit to what you can do to make it a lot more comfortable and enjoyable for your family. […]

Your Guide to Luxurious Bedroom Accents When Making Room Additions

The most complex room additions you may need to make are when renovating your bedroom. As such, you need the right contractor to help create a luxurious bedroom for your home. Most room additions conducted by American homeowners focus on kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation projects. Other areas of the house are often given little […]

Your Guide to Master Bedroom Color Schemes | Tips for  2023 Room Additions

When all the major room additions and renovations are done, it’s time to consider the color schemes for your bedroom. Paragon Builders can help with that! One of the most crucial steps of any renovation or room addition is the color choice. If you get this wrong, you can undo all the good work you […]

How a Car Garage Can Add to the Value of Your Home: Dwelling Enhancement with Garage Conversions

In this age, you can transform your home’s potential with garage conversions, which are a savvy choice for added value and space. These transformations can turn underused garages into vibrant, functional areas, enhancing your living experience. Whether it’s creating a home office, an extra bedroom, or a leisure space, converting your garage offers endless possibilities. […]