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10 Beige Shades to Incorporate In Your Home

Are you struggling with choosing the perfect color palette for your full house remodeling? With so many shades of beige to choose from, why not try this choice in 2024?

One of the most difficult choices homeowners have to make is choosing the right colors for each room inside their home. Often, people end up choosing the wrong shades for their home accessories, housing units, and full house remodeling. However, beige is a unique and versatile color that seems tailor-made to go well with just about anything.


What Color Is Beige?

There are many different ways to describe beige, such as greyish-yellow or yellowish-brown. However, the best way to describe it might be to simply call beige a sand color.

Just like there are many different shades of sand, so too are there different types of beige. This makes it an exciting color choice full of endless possibilities if, for example, you are considering a modern kitchen renovation

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10 Shades of Beige You Can Add to Your Home in 2024

Unfortunately, you cannot simply walk into a paint shop and ask for beige paint. There are many shades to choose from. Below are some of the more popular choices used in full home remodeling projects:

1. Wheat

Wheat beige is popular because it is neither too dark nor too light. It lies somewhere in the middle, which makes it an easy choice for many parts of the house. However, it is most commonly used in the bedroom or traditional family living space.

2. Stone

The unique and natural look of stone beige makes it the ideal choice for flooring. You can find many examples of stone beige tiles if you visit commercial buildings in the city. However, with the right design on your tiles, you can use it in residential homes as well. 


3. Pearl

Pearl is one of the lightest shades of beige you will come across. As such, you should think twice before using it in rooms that are prone to get dirty easily, such as the kitchen. This shade of beige is well known for bringing harmony to different styles and patterns, so feel free to use it in the living room.

4. Olive Wood

Olive wood beige is a very dark shade that drinks up the light around it very easily. This means you have to be careful when using it in rooms where you do not want a gloomy look. It is best used in those parts of the house that have large windows that allow in as much natural light as possible. 

Warm Wood Finishes


5. Malibu Beige

In some cases, Malibu beige can easily be mistaken for gray because the two are so similar. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice that Malibu beige has some brownish undertones that shades of gray do not have. This type of beige works well on plastic and wooden surfaces, so you can consider it for your living room furniture.

6. Ivory

Ivory beige is as close to cream as you can get while still maintaining some hints of brown. It is so light that it makes a perfect choice for areas where you were considering an off-white color. If you are doing a bathroom renovation, some ivory beige tiles might be a great idea.


7. Fawn 

Fawn beige has a lot of orange undertones in it that make it a very bright shade to use on your walls or furnishings. It works great as a standalone color or as a solid background when you are experimenting with a few patterns. If one of your room additions includes a kids’ play area, this might be a great choice.

8. Coffee Foam

Coffee foam beige is sort of shaded with a hint of khaki. It can be used almost anywhere in the house, but the living room is where it really shines. Try pairing it with other colors to make them pop! 

Contemporary Luxury


9. British Tan

The shade most people think of when they look for beige is British tan. It is an easy-to-use shade that goes very well with a lot of different colors. You can even add some British tan curtains to the beige walls of your home.

10. Blanched Almond

Blanched Almond beige is great for creating a warmer background and reflecting the light. It can be used in dark parts of the house, so consider this shade next time you work on your garage conversions.


Paragon Builders Is Here to Help You Get It Right!

When it comes to full house renovation projects for custom homes, Paragon Builders can help you navigate those tricky color choices that confuse many homeowners. Its team of experts is ready to handle everything you need, such as full house remodeling, doing the home design, and drawing plans for your big renovation. 

Paragon Builders can provide a tailor-made solution for individual homeowners that will meet their unique needs and tastes. Using the latest project tracking software, the team will communicate with clients each step of the way until the job is done.


Fall in Love With the Different Shades of Beige This Year

If you have been struggling with choosing the right colors for your home, you need to consider the many wonderful shades of beige. Partner with Paragon Builders today to explore this great color that will bring your home to life.



How Does a Beige Room Make You Feel?

Beige is well known for inducing feelings of calmness and relaxation. This is why many of its different shades are recommended for the bedroom and living room. You can use this color in any part of the house where comfort and serenity are required.

What Is the Use of Beige in Interior Design?

In most cases, beige is used to complement other colors around it. Rarely will you find this color used as a stand-alone choice. The way it complements natural light makes some of its shades perfect for creating an open and airy feel.

How Do You Make a Beige Home Interesting?

In most cases, when used alone, beige can be considered a very boring color. However, you can play around with its different shades to spice things up and make it interesting. A growing trend is to pair beige with white to create contrasting beige walls that catch the eye.

Can Beige Go With Everything?

Beige is so neutral and versatile that most of its shades go very well with just about any other color or pattern. This makes it the perfect choice if you want to have some fun pairing it with some unique ideas you may have. 

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